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Split and append files of all types and sizes

File Append and Split Tool is developed or distributed by Boxer Software and is licensed as shareware. Split and append files of all types and sizes; up to 16 million terabytes! The Problem: Size Does Matter. It's a movie slogan from Hollywood, but it also applies to today's computing industry. Music files, video files, zip files... Everything keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's not uncommon for media and data files to tip the scales at 100 megabytes or more. Some files are over 1 gigabyte in size! At the same time, computer users need to transfer or store these files on CDs, DVDs, portable flash media, or by email. While file sizes seem to be heading toward the infinite, file transfer and storage methods will always be finite. The Solution: As is often the case, the best way to handle a large problem is to break it into smaller, more manageable pieces. File Append and Split Tool can split massive files into smaller pieces, so the pieces can be dealt with individually. It can also append the smaller files back together, recreating the original file exactly. F.A.S.T. is very easy to use, and can be used to split all types of files, binary or text: ZIP, MPG, MP3, WMV, TXT, etc. And F.A.S.T. can be used on files of all sizes: up to 16 million terabytes. You can specify the desired size of the output files, select the output media, or simply indicate the number of files to be created. * Split files of any type: ZIP, MPG, MP3, WMV, AVI, TXT... * Split files of any size: up to 16 million terabytes on NTFS systems * Split files for sending via email, or to fit on portable or backup media * Create a batch file to append files later on, without the ne...

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