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The Spanish Whiz pro...

Spanish Whiz

The Spanish Whiz program has three different levels of Spanish which are designed to help you get on with learning the language. The program contains most of the common vocabulary and verbs which exist in the language while making an extra effort to give you practice in typical problem areas such as ser and estar, por and para, prepositions, the imperative forms, the subjunctive and idiomatic expressions. You can test yourself in both multiple choice and fill-in question format, and you can even make your own word lists. As well as including a dictionary and the ability to record your progress in a log file, the program has Sound capability to help you with your pronunciation and listening comprehension. Extra sound files are available. Spanish Whiz is a shareware categorized under spanish,learn spanish,learn to speak spanish,how to speak spanish,education, language, foreign language tools.

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MoreKeys lets you in...


MoreKeys lets you insert foreign letters and other symbols into your programs quickly without using complicated key combinations or changing Windows settings. One click of the mouse, and you are done! The program lets you add an almost unlimited number of keys to your keyboard and will allow you to save valuable time. MoreKeys is designed to take up a minimum amount of space on your desktop, and YOU control the way it works. It comes with a ready-made set of characters for different languages, but YOU control what buttons you want to see. You can make your own combination of letters and symbols to satisfy any special needs that you may have and It will work in any Windows program which uses text, such as (but not limited to): Email programs, Chat rooms,Word processing programs, Databases, Spreadsheets, etc. This is a demo listed under language,code pages category.

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StartSpanish is for ...


StartSpanish is for you if you want to learn Spanish from the beginning, or you'd like to review your Spanish and quickly get back on track. It contains brief yet comprehensive explanations (with examples) about all of the most important parts of Spanish grammar, combined with exercises to help you get a firm grip on the language. It is guided learning: you read the explanations about each topic and then complete the exercises before proceeding to the next topic. A guide to pronunciation is also included. This education software is listed under spanish,learn spanish,learn to speak spanish,how to speak spanish,education, language, foreign language.

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Travel Spanish is a ...

Travel Spanish

Travel Spanish is a talking phrase book that will help you both to understand and to be understood when traveling in Spanish speaking countries. You don't need to know any Spanish in order to use the program. Just listen the words and phrases, and if you want, record yourself to check your own pronunciation. You can fit it onto a memory stick and take it with you on your travels. Whether you are going to a Spanish-speaking country for business or pleasure, you'll feel self-assured about asking for things, or when people speak to you. Even though you may not understand the words, just catching the most important ones will frequently let you know what is going on. You'll feel more confident when it comes time to order dinner or ask about transportation schedules or where you can buy something. Travel Spanish license is shareware and it is listed in home, hobby personal interest software.

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