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This program works with LanDial to control dialing / hanging up a DUN over a LAN. As LanDial is useful on its own this program is a separate zip. This freeware is archived under dial category.

dun program works lan

Billing Star

This is a no frills billing system for the serious user. Easy to get started with, first invoice in minutes! Professional invoices with your own logotype. Gives you complete control of your claims. Databases with customers, products, taxes, invoices. You get complete control of expected payments and can send reminders when due dates are passed. You can even send invoices with finance charge if a customer starts to develop bad habits! This shareware is archived under business applications, billing category.

due dates databases finance charge

Customer Invoice Template

The customer invoicing system is an Excel invoice template with ability to store created invoices, products and customer details and perform advanced order sales reporting. This business shareware Customer Invoice Template is categorized under business accounting, finance.

database structure customer invoices invoice system

AB Invoicing

A free program for creating invoices. You can create professional invoices with your own logotype without any limits in time or quantity. Extend the program with low cost modules for customer database, products database and invoice archive. Business freeware AB Invoicing is listed in business applications, accounting tools.

invoice free program products database

Easy Time Clock Driver

This office software is our middleware software that is designed to maintain connection and communication between Easy Time Control database and your time clock of any type. It is used in order to poll punch records of your employees from your time clock device and transfer it to your database.

time and attendance middleware software control database

Merlinia Compona

A calendaring software that supports multiple views. Display multiple users' calenders in one integrated view. Calendar integration and collaboration software product. Merlinia Compona is a demo software filed under calendars and planners utilities.

multiple users collaboration software software product

Star Syslog Sender Free Suite

Star Syslog Sender Free Edition is a free syslog tool. It can simulate networking device such as router, firewall and servers to send syslog message to syslog server. You can use this free tool to evaluate the performance of your syslog server. Star Syslog Sender is based on internet standard protocol, which is specified by RFC 3164. This internet freeware Star Syslog Sender Free Suite is categorized under network, internet network monitoring.

internet standard router firewall microsoft windows 2000

IP Address Shield

Hides your IP address while you are browsing the Internet and protects your identity. Whenever you surf the Web or do something else on the Internet, this program will totally protect you. Freely use any web browsers, instant messengers, P2P file sharing, e-mail and any other applications without fear of being exposed to others - nobody will see your real IP address anymore. This utility has a great functionality and it's simple and inexpensive.

fear ip address instant messengers


The developers of the given facilities very often face with such a necessity. For instance, during the debugging in a remote machine or when different people with the help of different machines (which are nevertheless connected to one machine) maintain the same facilities. ANSD is designed especially for the solving of these problems. The use of our product gives you the possibility to give the remote access to serial port via TCP/IP. This commercial is archived under software developer tools category.

avsd serial port server transfers


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