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Create bitmap files fr...

Print 2 Bitmap

Create bitmap files from print jobs! The program converts PostScript files (print jobs) into bitmaps. So you can save all kind of document as bitmaps (Word files, Excel files and so on). Print 2 Bitmap is a graphics software.

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Combine a couple of ex...

PDFs Merge 2 One

Combine a couple of existing PDF files and merge them into one PDF file. If you create PDF files over a printer driver you often have the problem, that you can not create the file with one print job. Because you need parts of the document from a number of programs. Don't worry about this. With PDFs 2 One you can merge together the PDF files after there creation. Download a couple of PDF files from Internet and then melt together what belongs together. So you can search for information easier or distribute the document in a more compact form. PDFs Merge 2 One is a demo categorized under business other tools.

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If you don't want to f...


If you don't want to forget events and don't want to write down your appointments on paper in the age of the computer then this program is made for you! The program shows the days and months in a tree as known from the Window file manager. You can add new appointments with one mouse click and enter a free text for every appointment. You can choose when and how often the program should remind you. The program can run in the background and remember you about your appointments. If you start the program with windows you can't forget anything. The programs show a statistical overview over the years or months. business demo listed in business section.

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The program converts d...

Any Files for Poster

The program converts documents of any program like Word, Excel etc. into bitmap files. You can save this bitmaps as JPG, TGA, TIF, ... files. The corresponding program for the document (e.g. Word) must be installed. The import takes place with the help of OLE2. The program is especially useful togehter with "CAD-KAS Poster-Printery". With both programs together it is possible to print Word files etc. as big posters. Any Files for Poster license is demo and it is listed in multimedia software.

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Meta-Morpher is a morp...


Meta-Morpher is a morphing program which transforms one picture step wise into another. For example one face into another face. The possiblities are various. You can convert animals in humans and converse. You can render as much steps between this two pictures as you want. You only have to choose the two pictures and select the areas that are similar and that should morph into each other. For example the head, the eyes and the mouth. You can save the result as picture or video file. graphics, morphing demo listed in graphics, morphing section.

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Do you want to use mod...

Paper 2 PDF

Do you want to use modern computers to store the paper hill on your desk in digital form? This is no longer a problem. With Paper 2 PDF you can simply scan the documents and then save them with all the sheets in one pdf file. Now you ever have access with the Acrobat Reader with ease. Now it is easy for you to give away or publish your documents in the Internet. This is easy, powerful and modern document management today! Paper 2 PDF is a demo categorized under graphics, utilities, pdf tools tools.

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Create PDF files with ...

PDF Slideshow

Create PDF files with your photos and pictures as Slideshow. If you open the file in Acrobat Reader you don't get a static view to your photos but you will see your photos as slideshow. It is the same thing Adobe Photoshop Album makes with your photos. You don't need any special player any more. You can give away the Slideshows and everyone with a newer version of Acrobat Reader can view it! PDF Slideshow is a demo categorized under graphics, utilities, pdf tools tools.

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