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CFB Primes is an optim...

CFB Primes

CFB Primes is an optimised PalmOS program which can find the prime factors and closest primes of any integer number up to one billion (US) in a few seconds or less. The standard edit menu allows you to make use of the results in other applications. CFB Primes is available free of charge. CFB Primes is a education software.

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WAV Joiner is used to ...

WAV Joiner

WAV Joiner is used to combine two or more recorded WAV format sound files into one large WAV file. Features include: * Join as many as 63 WAV files with a combined size of 2Gb * The original files can be deleted once they are joined if free disk space is limited * Easily rearrange the order of the files * Insert silence between files. This is a shareware listed under multimedia category.

Keywords: wav join merge combine link add paste sound edit record cd multimedia audio several one added convenience

CFB Pong is a free Pal...

CFB Pong

CFB Pong is a free Palm game based on the classic 1970's arcade table tennis game. You can play against the Palm or yourself at one of three different speeds. 'Spin' the ball to change its deflection and speed it up if you want to have any chance of winning. CFB Pong is a games software.

Keywords: pong tennis table tennis arcade video palm based classic 1970s table virus programs

Word Jubbler is a word...

Word Jubbler

Word Jubbler is a word game that will appeal to crossword enthusiasts and anybody who enjoys the challenge of word puzzles. The object of the game is to make words from sets of letters chosen by the computer. You don't have to use all the letters, but longer words get higher scores. Once you have solved 3 to 5 words (depending on your chosen skill level) you advance to the next level and get an increasing number of letters to use. As each level increases in difficulty you can get a bigger score but you are always racing against the clock! Highest Scores Word Jubbler keeps a list of your highest scores. You can submit these to our website to compete against other Word Jubbler users worldwide. Additional Features * Get help using the Hint and Pass buttons if you get stuck. * Score bonus points if you finish a level with time to spare or do not use all of your Hints and Passes. * British and US English spelling is accepted. * The 'Genius' level of Word Jubbler uses more than 25,000 words - enough to keep you entertained literally for years! This games software is listed under education home and hobby.

Keywords: word puzzle crossword scramble anagram jubbler dictionary spelling alphabet beat clock challenging alpha channels

If you don't have Visu...


If you don't have Visual Studio .NET, but don't like the idea of using a command-line compiler with DOS batch files etc. CPIde is a lightweight powerful integrated development environment for Gardens Point Component Pascal. CPIde has the following features: * General Windows, programmer-oriented, text-editing features * Create and run both Console and WinForms applications * Tabbed multi-document interface for editing several source files * Auto-capitalisation of Component Pascal keywords when typing source code * Auto-indexing of procedures and imports for each source file * Compile / Make / Run / Debug from the menu or toolbar * Capture compile errors and program output in a separate window * Click on an error line to take you to the actual line in the source. This development tools software is listed under development source editors.

Keywords: ide dotnet. .net oberon oberon-2 component pascal editor programming language gpcp cleanup features

LP Recorder has been d...

LP Recorder

LP Recorder has been designed specifically to record vinyl LPs to CD-standard WAV files. These can subsequently be converted to MP3 files or stored on CD. LP Recorder is an ideal companion program to LP Ripper. Special features of LP Recorder suited to recording vinyl to WAV files include: Automatically adjusts optimum recording levels to avoid distortion. Auto start and auto stop for easy operation. Visual stereo level meters can be used to check recording levels before AND during recording. Level meters are displayed even if not supported by your soundcard etc. multimedia shareware listed in multimedia section.

Keywords: record wav vinyl lp tape cassette mp3 cd multimedia audio lps cassettes tapes digital edit tools

LP Ripper makes the ta...

LP Ripper

LP Ripper makes the task of converting vinyl LPs, tapes and cassettes to MP3 files or CDs much easier. Just record each side of your LP as a single WAV file on your computer. LP Ripper automatically splits the file into a separate WAV file for each track. Optionally, it can also call your MP3 or WMA encoder to produce a separate compressed file for each track. You can listen to previews of tracks and visually trim the start and finish using the coarse/fine split-screen graphical display. Fades and silence can also be applied to the start and end of each track. Preset parameters are included for the freeware MP3 and WMA Encoders, FastEnc and WM8eutil. This audio software is listed under multimedia.

Keywords: record wav vinyl split lp tape cassette mp3 cd multimedia audio track wma ripper splits separate each 4x4


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