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Cash Flow

Finance planner for easy monitoring of income and expenses. Recurring payments are displayed in lists for any chosen time period. Good overview with many repeat types and grouping possibility. Any combination of payment files can be created. Start and end values are kept for any chosen time period. Finance situation on hand for any future date. Charting function for overlooking finance situation development at a glance. Easy to use interface. Can be switched between English, German and Estonian language at runtime. This is a shareware listed under finance, budgeting, planning category.

Keywords: finance finance planner budget planner planning charts recurring payments smart simple planner printing reoccuring payments multimedia australia

HelpExpert is a WYSI...


HelpExpert is a WYSIWYG tool to create platform independent electronic documentations. It combines all major parts of a documentation such as table of contents, alphabetical index and the actual content in one project file. To generate documentations, an author hardly has to do more than type, point and click. HelpExpert automatically produces platform independent help sets in JavaHelp, PDF or HTML format in one step. JavaHelp format can be viewed from any application or web browser. HelpExpert can run on any platform such as Windows, Unix, Linux or Mac. An extensive tutorial is included. The Java virtual machine (VM) is required to run HelpExpert Recent changes: CSS support, named styles, paragraph styles, tables styles, undo/redo. HelpExpert license is demo and it is listed in help authoring,documentation software.

Keywords: javahelp java documentation html xml help help authoring authoring tool tutorials pdf portable document format generate platform independent electronic documentations easy way game load

AllDay v7.0 is a cal...


AllDay v7.0 is a calendar for year overviews. Gregorian, Julian, Jewish and Islamic calendar systems are supported. The application computes holidays, times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and moon phase as well as number of day in year, number of week in year, julian day number, remaining days in year, remaining weeks in year. User can enter personal events like holidays or birthdays and vacations etc. Day events and period events with various repeat types are possible. Import/export, count number of days, inspector function and event list. User friendly interface with many options and "on-line" help. calendar,pim,astronomy,date and time,scheduling,holidays,events shareware listed in calendar,pim,astronomy,date and time,scheduling,holidays,events section.

Keywords: calendar sun moon holidays events gregorian julian jewish islamic year overviews calendars aac m4a

ClockWork 1.4.0 web ...


ClockWork 1.4.0 web to PC clock synchronizer keeps your PC clock accurate by synchronizing with atomic clocks. It can run in the background as system tray task or in a 'normal' window. Supports LAN and dial up network connections. Can be configured to wait for an active connection and allows periodic time signal requests. Lists current status of your PC along with PC and server clock reading. 'Understands' TIME, DAYTIME and SNTP protocols. Easy to use interface and online help included. ClockWork is a shareware categorized under time,clocks,atom time tools.

Keywords: time atom time sntp synchronizer clock synchronizing atomic clocks proprietary

Extractor decompress...


Extractor decompresses and unpacks archive files of type ZIP, GZIP, TAR and JAR. It is meant for everybody who likes to extract archive files here and then without the aim of buying a big archiving application. Extractor is not intended to be overloaded with features, only additional archive types will be added, if possible. The application is freeware, so feel free to use it free of charge (and at your own risk). As a pure Java application, it is platform independent, thus usable on Windows, Unuix, Linux and MacOS. Extractor can be downloaded as JAR archive. HTML documentation is available from within the application (Menu 'Help') or online at The product home page is A german version is available at Java VM required. This is a freeware listed under un-packer, archiving category.

Keywords: extractor unpack unpacker decompression decompress archives zip gzip tar jar java java vm jdk jre application extract archive cpu type

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