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Do you ever leave your computer copying lots of files to a backup device for several hours and come back to find that Windows has had a problem copying one of the files and stopped the copy process only five minutes after you left. This can be really annoying, it then makes it much harder to copy across the rest of your files, and waists your time because you cant leave the computer to get on with the job. Well Copier solves this problem, this unique application copies files from one directory to another and if a file cannot be copied a note is made and the copy process continues. This way all your files can be copied in one go, and you dont have to worry about leaving your computer. At the end of the copy process a dialog box is displayed telling you which files couldnt be copied, allowing you to try again. This is a shareware listed under system utilities file, disk management category.

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eBay Browser is a un...

eBay Browser

eBay Browser is a unique application that makes searching for and bidding on eBay items much easier. There are two key features: Total Price calculator. Do you get frustrated with items that appear to be cheap, but actually they are very expensive because of the high postage costs? Well eBay Browser lets you search for the item you want, then by clicking on the process button, hides all items with a total price (the sales price + postage) greater than the value you specify. It then displays the total price of each item next to its description, making choosing the cheapest item easier. This makes searching through long lists of overpriced items a thing of the past. This feature is currently only available for and users. Automatic Refresh. When items are about to end it is important to keep checking that you are still winning. Automatic refresh ensures that the page you see is up to date, so you know if you need to bid again. This takes away the job of franticly clicking on the refresh button with one minute to go. This internet software is listed under network, internet browsers.

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This program is able...

Installed Program Finder

This program is able to identify every program installed on your computer. It will generate a list of all of these programs, allowing you to save them to a file or print them. It is ideal if you want a record of all your installed programs so you can easily reinstall them on a new machine or get your old system back to how it was after a major software or hardware failure. It gives you the ability to ignore Windows Updates, Hotfix, and Security Updates. It's the perfect way to help you return your new or repaired computer back to how it used to be. system utilities other shareware listed in system utilities other section.

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With this program yo...

ID3 Lab

With this program you are able to create, modify, and remove both ID3v1 and ID3v2 mp3 tags. The program allows you to change the basic options such as Artist, Title, Track number, Year, Genre, and Comments. It also allows you to change some of the less common features such as pictures and whether the track is a cover or a remix. There is a helpful renaming facility which allows you to rename the file using its ID3 Tag so that the file name makes more sense. You can also use the batch options facility, which allows you to change large numbers of mp3 tags quickly and easily. You are given the option of using the file location to change the MP3 Tag, you can also copy ID3v2 tags to ID3v1 and visa versa. In general this is a very good mp3 tag editor with many features which you will find no ware else. This is a shareware listed under audio, multimedia other category.

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This programs will a...

Open Drive

This programs will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen when a new storage device is attached to your computer. It allows you to open the drives folder quickly easily. The program has a small icon in the system tray so no space is wasted in your task bar, it allows you to show and hide the list of drives simply by double clicking on the icon. It's perfect for all those who want to explore their drives without having to minimize all their application to get to the desktop. In addition it allows you to free up your desktop as you no longer need all those unreliable shortcut links to your devices. This is a shareware listed under system utilities file, disk management category.

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