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Carnage Blender

Carnage Blender is a free multiplayer online role-playing game. The main purpose of the game is to kill the other players, using whatever strategies suit you best. Gain your fame and fortune by fighting your way up the player rankings using brute force, powerful magical spells, or clever enchantments. Then take your riches and apply them to another major aspect of the game, its economics. Buy better weapons and armor, auction off your old equipment to the highest bidder, rent your unused items out to other players to make a bit of extra cash, or even become a skilled blacksmith making money by forging upgrades for other players. And don't forget the community. Friendly admins running things, helpful mentors available to ease a newbie in, active discussion forums and a real-time chat. You can also join a clan or start your own for even more added bonuses. Carnage Blender is a freeware categorized under games, online games, rpg, free games, fantasy tools.

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