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LONG is a Chinese-En...


LONG is a Chinese-English dictionary and translator. Its name comes from the Chinese character for "dragon". As translator, LONG translates any Chinese text placed in the Clipboard (copied from any other place), creating a table with several columns, placing the original character on the left and the English equivalent on the right column. LONG translates character by character. As a dictionary, it allows you to locate either English words, single Chinese characters. Also it can help you to locate characters by filtering out the characters, based on the Radical+Strokes count + PinYin specified. LONG license is shareware and it is listed in education dictionaries software.

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Change7 I Ching is a...

Change7 I Ching

Change7 I Ching is a hyperlinked Chinese book whose hexagrams can be used for both fortune-telling and insight into an archaic philosophical world. You can consult the I Ching with the coins or the stalks method, using an animated interface. Each hexagram has an explanatory field (Wilhelm text) and a pragmatic interpretation targeted to track your life. Change7 I Ching license is shareware and it is listed in fortune telling software.

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This program is desi...

Change7 Tarot

This program is designed to do Tarot Readings easily. The set of cards contains the 22 Major Arcana; the other 56 Minor Arcana cards are only available in the registered version). Change7 Tarot includes different card layouts, like Sample Cross and others, that are available under the Reading Layouts menu. Each card layout defines how many cards are to be included in the reading and how they are going to be draw on the screen. The images are from the pack of cards designed by Lady Frieda Harris under the guidance of Aleister Crowley. The divinatory texts are a synthesis of the meanings proposed by many experts. This is a shareware listed under fortune telling, divination, tarot category.

Keywords: card layout minor arcana lady frieda harris tarot readings arcana cards card layouts guidance pack of cards synthesis major arcana aleister crowley cold numbers refresh button

Pano2exe converts pa...


Pano2exe converts panoramic JPEG images into stand-alone executable programs. The users may be able to modify the image zoom, or you may disallow uses from resizing your panoramas. The maximum height used to display the image is only limited by the screen height. That means that one image that has 800 pixels of height will be displayed with a maximum zoom of 92.7% on a typical 1024x768 screen. Image layers allows adding transparent images or images linked to other panoramas or files on top of the panorama. Linking one panorama to other may be used to create virtual tours through a place or may also be a useful way of reducing the size of the panoramic files. Installation program. Pano2exe can also creates installers, so you can include one or more panoramas, or any other kind of files, into a professional looking installation package. The uninstall feature is included. Sound playing. Pano2exe allows adding sounds to the installations, and can play them while the panoramas are shown. So you can attach music or a description to the panorama. The scroll speed and direction may be adjusted and can be manual or automatic. Alternatively, users may save the part of the panorama that is displays as a .bmp file. This is a shareware listed under photo, panoramic images, digital photography category.

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