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Learning the thousands of vocabulary words necessary for understanding any language can be a daunting task. Learning to conjugate verbs can be equally challenging. Languages like Latin and Russian add another challenge still, in learning to decline nouns, pronouns and adjectives. Once you've managed to learn all of these words, retaining them is an equally large challenge! I've created a vocabulary drill and grammar drill tool that is an excellent supplement to any course or textbook, or for individual study. This tool takes a unique approach aimed at learning 25 words at a time, and the tool includes inflectional grammar drills for conjugation and declension in French, Italian, Latin (Classical), Russian and Spanish. Download a free trial edition today and start learning quickly! If you decide the tool is useful in your linguistic pursuits, registration is only $10.00 per copy. Vocabulary Trainer license is shareware and it is listed in education languages software.

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