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A demonstration of our popular News*NET Usenet Search Robot - Customized to help you find your next employment opportunity. Come visit - Free daily ezine to help keep your spirits up during that job search! Internet News*NET is listed in search tools tools.

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Citisoft Outlook Express Backup

This tool is an easy to use tool for backing up and restoring the popular Microsoft Outlook Express mail client. It allows you to backup and restore the following data: - Mail messages - Address book (WAB files) - Mail rules - Mail settings - Mail and news accounts - Block Sender List - Mail Signatures and stationeries - Internet Explorer Favorites Backing and restoring mail data is not limited to a single machine.

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Conveniently insert text, images, and other objects into virtually any application, directly from its own window. Common uses include: standard e-mail replies, phrases, or paragraphs; form letters; e-mail/newsgroup signatures; personal details; etc. This utilities shareware ActiveInsert is categorized under e-mail misc. tools, office applications misc..

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You can turn into a speed typist INSTANTLY with Quick-Type, the world's only typing automation tool. Stop typing - START LIVING! Quick-Type allows you to reclaim time to enjoy the things life was made for. Quick-Type is a demo software filed under education teaching, training tools utilities.

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Type Pilot

This office software is specially created for storing and quick insertion of any text fragments (e-mail signatures, frequently used sentences, URLs, letter templates and so on). You just type a word, and Type Pilot will automatically replace it with a phrase. This shareware is archived under word processing, system utilities automation, system utilities pims, e-mail utilities, office applications misc. category.

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Pocket QuickPaster

Powerful yet simple text organizer for storing, managing and quick pasting all your the frequently used text snippets and notes - letter templates, reports, e-mail signatures, meeting templates, etc. Pocket QuickPaster is licensed as shareware and placed in business pims, calendars section.

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This graphics utility v1.3 is an interactive ASCII graphic tool. It can create color, halftone or black and white ascii pictures from image files (supports many image file formats - bmp, jpg, gif, ico, pcx, pcd, tiff and some other) and also can create monocolor or gradient color artistic ascii text. You can save your work as plain text, bmp image file or color html page.

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This software is a new software protection for Borland Delphi or C++ Builder, based on the lastest technique protection to provide a strong security to protect your software against reverse engineering and illegal decompilation. If you have important code and you do not want a competitor to see, use SecureCode !You can use as protection against reverse-engineering or you can use as additionnal protection with you current registration scheme.

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This graphics utility is a Windows 95/98/ME Utility to view Orcad V4.x and Orcad 32-bit Dos files. Features include: Viewing colors can be customized. Printing option included. OrView is licensed as shareware and placed in cad section.

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SMSCOuntry XLbox

SMS-XLbox seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Excel® and enables you to send bulk SMS text messages to mobile phones across the world from your PC using Microsoft® Excel®. Instant delivery with Message status reports, where the reports can be downloaded into the same Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet. Send SMS text messages to over 489 networks in 182 countries worldwide

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