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This is a program th...

Picture Flipper

This is a program that displays ambigrams. After you load an image, you can have the program animate the picture rotating 180 degrees. You can also flip pictures over a horizontal axis, and you can customize the color of the interface. Picture Flipper license is freeware and it is listed in graphic apps viewers software.

Keywords: ambigram view display rotate flip animate show personal firewalls

This is a game just ...


This is a game just like Yahtzee. You can have from one to ten players. The game has sound that can be turned on or off, animation, and a top score feature. This games software is listed under games, entertainment board.

Keywords: yahtzee dice roll sound animation multiplayer drop bombs

Golf Scorekeeper is ...

Golf Scorekeeper

Golf Scorekeeper is a program that keeps track of your best golf scores. After you play a round of golf, enter your scores into this program. It will keep track of your best score for each hole and your best total. It will keep scores for different courses separately. Golf Scorekeeper is a freeware categorized under home, hobby recreation tools.

Keywords: golf score store record best eye strain

Thousands of meteors...

Little Robot Guy

Thousands of meteors are plummeting toward the earth! But you don't care, because you're just a little robot guy. You're just trapped in the middle of all the meteors, and you want to stay alive. You not only have to dodge the meteors, but you also have to collect fuel so you don't run out. You'll have to use your jet boosters as little as possible in order to conserve fuel. Your goal in this game is to stay alive as long as possible. The longer you stay alive, the better your score will be. Little Robot Guy license is freeware and it is listed in games, entertainment arcade software.

Keywords: robot meteors space jet pack collect arcade vacation photos

Numero is a calculat...


Numero is a calculator program that I made because I don't like the calculator that comes with Windows. Microsoft's calculator program only lets you type in one number at a time. Mine, however, can do the order of operations, so you can type in the whole expression at once. Numero has about everything that you would expect to see on a scientific calculator, including trigonometric and arctrigonometric functions. In addition to the text box that you enter the expression into, Numero has a text box that displays all of the expressions and answers that you have already calculated. I also added fading in and fading out effects when you open and close the program, and there are some options that let you customize the interface. You can change the colors of the window, and you can change how transparent it is. Numero is a freeware categorized under business calculators, converters tools.

Keywords: calculator scientific trig trigonometry memory history screen saver displays

This is a program de...

Tongue Teacher

This is a program designed to help learn words in foreign languages. It is like using flashcards, but it is designed specifically for learning languages in the most efficient way. After you create a list of words, the program will randomly display an English word from that set, and you have to guess what the foreign word is. After you guess, it will either tell you that you're right, or it will tell you the correct answer. The program is also capable of showing the foreign words first and having you guess the English ones. The percentage of correct answers is shown, too, but you can hide it if you want to. education teaching, training tools freeware listed in education teaching, training tools section.

Keywords: language learn education memorization memorize flash card flashcard foreign integration projects

Bug Zappers is a gam...

Bug Zappers

Bug Zappers is a game where giant alien bugs are trying to take over the earth. They are flying down to burrow into the ground so that they can lay eggs and create colonies to overcome the humans. Using their high-tech bug zapper helmets, two heroes must try to electrocute the giant insects as they fly down toward the earth. You must control both characters at once to zap the bugs as they come down from the top of the screen. Only the yellow character can zap the yellow bugs, and only the purple character can zap the purple bugs. If a bug burrows into the ground, then the game is over. This games software is listed under games, entertainment arcade.

Keywords: bug zapper arcade basic program

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