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No More Spam

The ability to communicate with important contacts is critical to any business, home office, or home PC. The extreme proliferation of spam threatens to impede this communication, by making it hard to distinguish real mail from junk mail. Mistaking a mail as spam might prove costly. With No More Spam, small businesses and home offices now have the ability to safely ignore all spam, and concentrate on the important mail. Messages from senders that you haven't had any contact with goes into a quarantine, and an authentication message is sent to the originator. When s/he replies to this, the original message is delivered to you without the need for a resend. email,spam fighters demo listed in email,spam fighters section.

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Whether you are a ca...


Whether you are a casual home user looking for a smart way to get the most out of your PC's fax capabilities or a demanding business person seeking a complete solution for your office's communications needs, you'll find EasyFax has all the features you need: Easy and intuitive interface, powerful broadcast faxing, contact and fax log management, professional templates, full modem control and ability to import/export contact information. Compatible with Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/9x. English version. This is a demo listed under communications,fax category.

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