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RecentX gives you instant access to recently used Files, Folders, Programs and Websites. The best part is that it automatically tracks the items you access. You do not have to spend time adding your favorite files, etc. Common file operations (copy, paste, etc) can be quickly performed without using a file manager. RecentX avoids visiting of hierarchical folders, start menu, favorites menu, Internet history and network places. Because, hierarchy access is very time consuming, tedious and unnecessary. With RecentX, accessing of these items becomes effortless. RecentX enables direct access to files, folders, applications and websites without worring about their exact location, without visiting the folders to which they belong. In most cases it avoids usage of a file manager such as Windows Explorer. Hence, saves enormous time, money and energy. Download free trial to experience its benefits right away. This is a shareware listed under system utilities launchers, task managers category.

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Create virtual stick...

Quick Notes Plus

Create virtual sticky notes on your windows desktop and set alarm reminders to each of them. Memoboards, a unique feature, allows you to arrange notes in a separate window. Memoboards avoids desktop clutter. Keeps your desktop clean. With skins support, each sticky note can wear an attractive texture (skin). Skins are downloadable from the Internet. That's not it! You can stick notes to documents or website so that the notes pop-up only when you open a document or visit a particular website. Interesting. isn't it? Send notes over network to your coworker or send notes as email. You can also send notes as Net Send message if your coworker is not using QNP. Format text inside notes such as font, font color, font effects, alignment, bullets and numbering. Other handy features include - Tile/Cascade notes, Sort notes by title, Find notes, Roll up notes, Hide notes, Print notes, Hotkeys support, Restore deleted notes and many more. Not yet convinced? Take a picture tour at This is a shareware listed under notepad replacements, sticky notes, notes, reminders, productivity, personal information managers, category.

Keywords: font font handy features reminders bullets and numbering hotkeys support alignment send message sort notes font effects tile virtual sticky notes texture coworker email color font sticky note desktop clutter skins windows desktop cascade autocad 2000 digital haystack

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Take quick notes, tasks or appointments on attractive sticky notes on your Windows Desktop. These sticky notes look like 3M Post-It(r) Notes. Stick them to websites, documents, programs or any other window. If the desktop gets too messy, you can neatly arrange them into virtual memoboards (folders). Finding a note back is extremely fast. Send these stickies to your coworker over network or as email (if coworker offline). Tag each note based on contexts, topics or projects. The new "Notes Browser" lets you to categorize, arrange and view notes very conveniently. Password protect notes to keep secured information in them. Other features include support for notes skins, color, transparency, advanced text formatting, spell checker, find-as-you-type, hotkeys, attach files, note priority, stay on top, drag and drop notes. NoteZilla lets you to synchronize notes with your favorite PDA Handheld or Mobile Device via Microsoft Outlook. You can also synchronize directly with a Palm OS device. NoteZilla license is shareware and it is listed in business pims, calendars software.

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