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File Open and Save-As Dialog Extensions for all of your applications. Enlarges the dialog, adds recent and favorite files/folders lists, set sorting and view defaults, file management functions, advanced Find function, and more. Also lets you use long filenames and explorer-style dialogs in 16-bit apps. Fully functional evaluation copy. Also available in German and Portuguese (see web site). File-Ex is a shareware software filed under utility, file utility, system utility, explorer add-on utilities.

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This internet tool is an easy-to-use privacy tool that allows you to clean all your IE, MS Windows, MS Office tracks, block pop up ads. With an additonal "Boss key" feature hide sites that you are visiting from prying eyes and remove spy proxy ad-ware that installs onto your PC while your surf. It allows you restore you normal system's defaults with one click. No need to worry about former internet surfing inconveniences !

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Lockout Desktop Security

This office and business application Software. This business shareware Lockout Desktop Security is categorized under security.

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Shred the disk Freespace of any Disk, Hidden NTFS Alternate Data Streams, Internet Cache,MRU lists, History, Cookies, Application Data, Recycle bin, Swapfile, Index.dat files, Temp Locations and more and User defined Registry and File Locations. Shredator is a shareware software filed under privacy and security utilities.

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WinClean is a powerful utility that can help you to remove unnecessary temporary files. WinClean also comes with a powerful search engine that allows you to find Registry information based on a search criteria. WinClean is licensed as shareware and filed in disk cleanup, system utilities section.

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Features include MRU lists, windows that "remember" their positions and sizes, and powerful options and preferences dialogs. CoolPSettings is a shareware software filed under delphi utilities.

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Revo Uninstaller

Software to uninstall other programs and fix installation issues. Includes startup manager, junk files cleaner, windows system tools control, evidence remover and browser history wiper tools. This freeware is archived under system utilities system maintenance category.

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Clean It

Get your machine clean with the power of Clean It. Now comes with 12 Plug-Ins including Internet Explorer 6, Netscape Navigator 6, Opera 6, Recycle Bin XP, a Recent Documents Plug-In that cleans 10 of the most popular MRU lists, and a new Media Player Plug-In. This very simple and easy to use utility will clean up your Internet Cache, History, Cookies, and more. Download Clean It now and start using it today!

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Comic Book Manager

Manage your complete comic book collection. Screens for Publisher, Series, Titles, Issues, Characters, Pencilers, Colorers, Inkers, and Writers. 16 reports. Scan or load Character Images and Issue Images from file. Search tools for easy lookup. Intuitive interface makes entering comic book information fun. Backup and restore tools to protect your database.

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This is a neat way to mimic content from another site. Your web server can pose as a web browser, visit a web site of your choice, extrapolate content, modify it, and then feed it back to a user on your site. Using a search and replace routine, you can tell the script exactly what to look for and what to put in it's place. A snippet of JavaScript can be instantly removed, or the name of the site can be automatically modified.

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