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This internet software is the most advanced web browser history management and cleaning application available. Offering the unique functionality of concealing some browsing activities without having to delete the entire browser history, WipeUrTracks can make your web browsing habits truly private without making it obvious the history has been cleansed. WipeUrTrax also allows users to manage history information without the need to re-boot the computer. WipeUrTrax is a shareware software filed under browser add-ons, browsers utilities.

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Quickly check all the keys on your computer keyboard are functioning correctly. Examine the internal Windows and BIOS scan codes being generated by the keyboard. Check your keyboards repeat rate and see each down and up stroke. KeyboardTest is a shareware software filed under utilities, system utilties, hardware utilties utilities.

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Exterminate It!

This utility is a powerful antivirus and antimalware solution delivering PC and notebook protection. Personal updates and a huge malware database help you stay protected. Real Protection with "Submit State" - clean your PC with the next update. This utilities shareware Exterminate It! is categorized under security, privacy anti-virus tools.

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Features include MRU lists, windows that "remember" their positions and sizes, and powerful options and preferences dialogs. CoolPSettings is a shareware software filed under delphi utilities.

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Picture Jumble

This game is a memory jigsaw puzzle game. Re-create the original picture by rearranging the jumbled puzzle images. Fun for all ages and skill levels. This shareware is archived under puzzle, puzzles, jumble, board, strategy category.

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Edge Of Chaos

Interesting things happen at the boundary between order and chaos, where the qualities of both states are evident. There is enough order to retain information, and enough chaos to provide variety. A good way to explore this interesting phenomenon is to study a famous cellular automaton called "Conway's Game of Life" which inhabits the edge of chaos region. This screensaver allows you to explore the edge of chaos through the Game of Life.

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Easy Tab Maker Pro

This multimedia utility allows you to plug your guitar into your computer. While you play Easy Tab Maker Pro analyzes the pitch and tone of the signal transmitted from your guitar. It monitors the change and combination of the chords played. Then it analyzes the pitch and tone to determine which strings were played and where your fingers were at. Easy Tab Maker Pro then graphs the results as tablature.

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Searching files on Windows Mobile can be troublesome. The builtin search function does not show all files. That is where SSEFind! can be a big help. The program not only searches, but also finds files on your mobile device. Narrow your search using file name filter, date, start folder. Files found can be opened / launched straight from this program.

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3D Stacked Vertical Bar Graph Software

This 3D Stacked Vertical Bar Graph provides both a client and server side solution for the incorporation of bar graphs into web pages. It provides versatile components so that web authors and Java developers can easily build and publish dynamic and interactive bar graphs. We have built in many configurable features and functions to both the applet and servlet and as such, the documentation and examples is very comprehensive and easy to use. 3D Stacked Vertical Bar Graph Software is licensed as shareware and filed in graphics business graphs, java business charts, java graphics, java misc. applets, java user interface, programming online apps, web authoring web utilities section.

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