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Developer's SDK for .NET platform providing Client/Server and Object Persistence functionality. Available in Personal, Professional and Enterprise Editions (from 3 to unlimited number of simultaniously connected clients). The CoreAPI.ClientServer namespace provides objects for rapid client-server application development. All complex communication protocols are hidden behind Client, Server and ServerSession objects. Override ServerSession to implement your own server logic then just connect Client to the Server using methods provided. Data encryption is supported transparently by the underlying communication protocol. The CoreAPI.Data namespace provides persistent ObjectBase object. It is being used by the Client- Server for message exchange over the network. You may use it to construct your own messages or to serialize your data to/from a stream or a byte array. Data encryption is supported. Build complex ObjectBase derived classes and override DoUpdate method to make sure your member variables are serialized. You may combine other ObjectBase derived classes, Objects, Hashtables, strings, integers etc. as member variables. Then call ToStream or ToArray method to save the whole object at once. Call CreateInstance to get it back from the storage. Or use it with Send or SendReceive methods for Client-Server communication. The underlying serialization mechanism is binary based and includes very little overhead compared to the standard .NET serialization. development components, libraries shareware listed in development components, libraries section.

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