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Mutilate File Wiper

Mutilate is an easy to use data eraser that securely deletes sensitive files. Use Mutilate to prevent attempts to recover sensitive deleted files from your hard drive by data recovery or forensic software. The program overwrites all bits in selected files, including cluster slack space, with binary 1's, 0's, and/or random bit patterns. Choose from three security levels and a customizable level with up to 297 overwrite passes. Mutilate supports complete folder deletions including subfolders. With Mutilate's disk free space shredder, you can even use Mutilate to destroy previously deleted files on your hard drive. And, you can store up to thirteen folders in Power Mutilator for quick access to files or folders you target routinely. This is a shareware listed under security, secure file deletion utilities, file remover, disk cleaners category.

Keywords: target sensitive files data eraser folders shredder disk free space forensic software data recovery deleted files slack space overwrite f6 midi input

Click & paste or...


Click & paste or drag archived text into web forms, word processing software, spreadsheets, etc! Archived text retains your font, font size and any other rich text characteristics. Ideal for credit card numbers, passwords, and any canned comments. Compact design stays on top of other applications. This is a shareware listed under clipboard utilities category.

Keywords: spreadsheets credit card numbers word processing software font font compact design web forms passwords word types chart applet

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