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Now with Flash MX Compression support for Flash 6 player!!! They announced it first at Lockergnome, they use the technology broadcasting GnomeRadio and now folks you can too. Stream your audio and video, create slideshows. Convert your mp3's and wave files to streaming format that half a billion user have. If you can drag and drop you can use this software. Create interactive graphics and audio with multiple links. Hundreds of combinations of effects. A " Lean, Mean, Streaming Machine" that's easy to use. Boomer uses the Flash Player from Macromedia to deliver your creations without having to wait for any exterior players to slowly load and buffer. What can Boomer v4.0 do? * All graphical possibilities can contain AUDIO and PAGE LINKS * Convert any Animated Gif,Gif, Jpg, Png, or AVI Movie * Convert any wav or mp3 to a fast "play now" stream * Create slide shows and transitional effects. * Mix and match any or all formats together without concern. * Create streaming audio without having to deal with a slow loading player * Stream audio for background, trigger it in a graphic, or use our buttons. * Play, Stop, and Pause are supported graphically in two or three button style. * Create a Slideshow with a different link or audio in each picture. * You can create Panoramic Lens effects * Create a carousel across the screen with different links and audio. * Right click Mp3 conversion * Protect your creations by embedding links in them that can't be removed. Download the trial version now, you'll be glad you did. This is a shareware listed under multimedia, flash tools,web creation tools,graphics,audio, video, flash movie creator,media streaming category.

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This application allows you convert your animated or static GIF files to SWF (shockwave format). The shockwave format is the same format used in Flash movies. This allows you to optimize file size while maintaining image quality for use in Banners, Icons, Intro's, etc. Gif2Swf provides ease of use from the context (Left Click) menu on any Gif Image. An option is provided to generate a web page based on your animated or static gif. Gif2swf will generate at the users option an HTML page with the correct object and embed codes. This graphics software is listed under flash multimedia gif conversion.

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Flash Image Builder

This application allows you to convert your animated or static GIF files, Jpegs, Avi or Png files to the SwF (shockwave format). The shockwave format is the same format used in Flash movies. The SwF may also contain at your option an embedded link to anywhere you want. Flash Image Builder allows you to optimize file size while maintaining image quality for use in Banners, Icons, Intro's, etc. SlideShows and transitional effects are featured in this program. There are 4 effects for left to right, right to left, top to bottom, and bottom to top. You can do this with any combination to start and end each image. Totally controllable fade-in and fade-out or just choose to simply scroll through the images with no transitions. Transform your Avi files directly to a Flash Movie. Add a link if you want. It's all up to you. Flash Image Builder is a shareware categorized under flash developement animation slideshow tools.

Keywords: avi files static gif optimize controllable images jpegs image quality top to bottom png files transitions shockwave format gif files flash image builder swf slideshows getting lost properties panel

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