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CyberLat Screen Saver

CyberLat Screen Saver (CL?SCR), is a FREEWARE & 100% configurable software that allows you to add all the images you want to be displayed as a slide show with 128 transitions. Also you have the capabilities to play MP3 or midi files, wav events and add different backgrounds as images, gradients or plain colors. The configuration panel has been designed to be fast and easy for you to set up. CL?SCR has more than 35 different configurations so you can personalize it to fit your feels and emotions. Create as many Screen Saver themes of your own, just add photos, wallpapers, mp3 and that's all. CAPABILITIES: -Supports different file types: BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, EMF, WMF, DIB, PCD, PCX, PSD (single layer), PSP (single layer), TGA, TIF, TIFF -This program is available in different languages since it's multilingual. -You can display the pictures centered to your screen, stretched to the monitor or stretched with the same aspect ratio. -Support for MP3, Midi, and wav files. -Easy to use interfase. REGISTRATION: -You don't need to register, since it's Adware for US Residents only and totally FREEWARE for the rest of the world. CyberLat Screen Saver is a freeware categorized under cyberlat,cyberlatino,screen,saver,mp3,midi,protector,pantalla,display,images,stretch,transition,slide show tools.

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CyberLat RAM Cleaner...

RAM Cleaner

CyberLat RAM Cleaner is the perfect windows utility that manages your resources to fit all your needs. If you have memory related problems then this program will help you setting up your system. CyberLat RAM Cleaner is easy, intuitive and has an original and improved GUI. Check out its capabilities: Release Memory: Very Often you don't have enough RAM to run your applications like 3D Games, kazaa, or even word. Free all unused RAM and forget about buying more RAM sticks. Also, you are allowed to forget this task by just using our AutoFree RAM function, which is fired every time your RAM limit goes bellow a critical point. This way, you will always have available RAM. Edit your Startup List: Every time you start Windows, lots of programs get load and eat up your RAM and resources. Only you decide which programs can be loaded and which not. You'll have the total control over your applications. Kill Programs: There are a lot programs in execution that you can't view. Hackers and viruses works on background without your knowledge. Track them and kill undesired programs. Eliminate every crashed application fastest as the traditional way (CTRL+ALT+DEL) without the fear to crash your computer. Set a Real Time Priority to every program you want (special for Gamers and heavy software users). Have the complete control over your applications!!! Enhance you VCache: All the programs recently used are stored in the VCache memory. It works as a part of the RAM memory, which increases and decreases depending on your system's needs. Sometimes, Windows decreases your RAM so much that lets you without it. Configure the way Windows manages your virtual memory and speed up your system by just setting up your virtual cache. Give yourself the chance to improve your system's performance. NO more death blue screens, NO more crashes and NO more Windows Fatal Exceptions. It is the perfect utility for Gamers and for anyone with computer troubles. Download it and install it!!! utilities,memory management,accessories,system,tools shareware listed in utilities,memory management,accessories,system,tools section.

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