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mnoGoSearch Lite for Windows

Search engine to organize search within a website, number of websites, intranet or local system and to work with small volumes of data . Features a built-in database, no additional database software is needed. Does not have SQL servers support. mnoGoSearch Lite for Windows is a demo software filed under search engine, programming search engines, database utilities, system utilities misc. utilities, web authoring web servers utilities.

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xSQL Profiler

This software is an easy to install, easy to use, agent-less SQL Server monitoring tool that can be utilized for performance, auditing and compliance related tasks. Monitor multiple SQL Servers from one central location - choose SQL Servers and databases you want to monitor, define precise traces to trace exactly what you need, nothing more nothing less, schedule the traces and forget it - xSQL Profiler takes care of the rest. Utilities freeware xSQL Profiler is listed in business databases, tools tools.

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SQL Task Manager

This office software is a server monitoring tool to allow database administrators see an instant overview of the performance of any SQL Server on the network. See how many server connections there are, how much CPU and memory each database is consuming. Business shareware SQL Task Manager is listed in business databases, tools tools.

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The DBF to SQL program allows you to convert your dbf files to SQL script. You can apply this script on any SQL server, so you can easily transfer your data to a new system. DBF to SQL is a shareware software filed under business databases, tools utilities.

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This internet tool is a tool to enumerate computers in a domain. Depending on enumeration parameters the tool can work in different ways. It can enumerate all computers,SQL servers,primary domain controllers,backup domain controllers,etc. FreeNetEnumerator is licensed as freeware and placed in network, internet search and lookup tools section.

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OTK Custom DBInstaller

Custom DBInstaller is a customizable EXE that allows developers to add as a Custom Action in their Setup or Web Setup Project to install their application's SQL database. It also provides an option whether to allow to overwrite the database if exist. OTK Custom DBInstaller is a freeware software filed under development install, setup utilities.

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SQL Enterprise Monitor

This utility is the feature-rich diagnostic tool for instant visibility into what's going on with your SQL Servers. Who's connected and what T-SQL is being run? Quickly identify how and where server resources are being consumed. SQL Enterprise Monitor is licensed as demo and placed in business databases, tools section.

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Produce backups that are simple, reliable and affordable to Tape, REV, Disk, NAS, DVD and more with BackupAssist. It automatically schedules your backups (full, incremental, or differential), implements media rotation, sends results and reminders by email, and make it easy to perform tasks like custom scripting. BackupAssist gives you business-class data protection and a true alternative to products costing much more. This shareware is archived under utilities backup, utilities is and it solutions, utilities system utilities, utilities file, disk management category.

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This office software is a program to convert MS SQL databases into MS Excel spreadsheet. All MS SQL data types are supported. The program has easy-to-use wizard style interface and works with all versions of MS SQL servers. MSSQL-to-Excel is a commercial software filed under databases utilities.

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Apex SQL Log

This software is a powerful SQL database auditing and recovery tool that analyzes SQL Server's own Transaction Log to display information on data changes. Since Apex SQL Log reads the Transaction Log, no database overhead is required and audits can be done on changes made even before the SQL log tool was installed. Apex SQL Log shows computer, user and the application that made the change and shows a full history of the audited record.

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ApexSQL Log

This development tool is a powerful SQL database auditing tool that analyzes SQL Server's own Transaction Log to display information on data and soon ... structural changes. This shareware is archived under database programming, database utilities, sql tools, database category.

DMT SQL Backup Manager

This office software is a powerful tool for creating, compressing and protecting your SQL Server backups. Compatible with SQL Server 2000 and 2005, it includes a range of features to make backups faster, simpler and more secure. This shareware is archived under business databases, tools category.


Based on the given criteria, SQL Server find goes out to find the database objects that match the specified criteria and displays them in a list. This shareware is archived under database, sql server category.


This office software is a document imaging and management system . Zd3 stores all documents in digital format making search and retrieval of documents very fast and easy. Zd3 web solution is the easiest and most secure solution to access documents over the Inte. Zd3 is a shareware software filed under graphics imaging document imaging utilities.

Servers Alive

This internet software v. 4.1, a full-featured Windows network monitoring program that can monitor any Winsock service, monitor MMS streams, ping a host, check if an NT service or process is running, and more! Internet shareware Servers Alive is listed in network monitoring, tools.


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