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Email Sentinel Pro

Email Sentinel Pro 2.6 prevents users from receiving dangerous emails, by blocking attachments, scripts, images and spamming techniques before they reach the Inbox folder. Viruses aren't the only reason to be concerned about HTML email. Spammers use web bugs hidden in the HTML to track anyone who opens their email. Email Sentinel Pro stops the web bug from verifying an address and telling the spammer it deals with a live one. Users can easily decide which attachments to block and which senders to trust. Email Sentinel Pro offers a whitelist so you can exclude specific messages from being blocked or converted to text and neatly hides away in the desktray while it works. It also optionally creates a log so the user can monitor what is happening with the mail. Email Sentinel Pro works with any POP3, IMAP or Hotmail email clients, such as MS-Outlook, Outlook Express, IncrediMail, etc. Its advanced mail options allow the user to specify the email ports, timeout periods and logging settings. While it protects users from malicious emails, Email Sentinel Pro enhances the user experience by generating detailed email traffic reports based on the number of senders, protected emails, attachments and more. e-mail outlook express,e-mail utilities,system utilities misc. utilities,e-mail spam fighters,email tools shareware listed in e-mail outlook express,e-mail utilities,system utilities misc. utilities,e-mail spam fighters,email tools section.

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Email Address Collec...

Email Address Collector

Email Address Collector? is the only product which can practically be used to collect email addresses and alias names from any readable source, including mail client programs, instant messengers, web pages, documents, spreadsheets and so on. Using the advanced filtering system, Email Address Collector? offers you the ability to create custom rules for parsing email addresses. Plus, it automatically eliminates address duplicates. Scan and collect e-mail addresses from the email folders of MS-Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft DBX files, MSN/Win Messenger, Windows Address Book, Outlook Contacts folder, web pages, PDF, DOC or other documents, files or entire folders; backup, move and restore MS-Outlook or Outlook Express folders; backup and restore Outlook Express emailing rules; scan entire folders or drives for email addresses; automatically eliminate the duplicates from the collected email addresses; create TO, CC or BCC "mailto" fields for sending emails to the harvested email addresses, via your email client program; define advanced filters for collecting only the desired email addresses; save the extracted addresses to a CSV file or export the email addresses to your Windows Address Book. email tools; outlook addons; email extractors shareware listed in email tools; outlook addons; email extractors section.

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Auto Reply Manager f...

Auto Reply Manager for Outlook

Auto Reply Manager for Outlook is an email autoresponder that allows users to quickly define Outlook reply rules and filters and to auto email replies when users are out of office, on vacation or simply when they want to auto-confirm emails. You can choose to send automated replies or to forward received emails to a pre-selected email account. If you deal with multiple email accounts, Auto Reply Manager lets them create personalised replies. For those users who deal with multiple email accounts, Auto Reply Manager lets them create reply rules tailored for certain Outlook email accounts. The reply rules can also be defined so they apply only for certain contacts or mail folders where emails are received. Furthermore, users can create rules based on keywords found in the subject or body content of incoming email messages. These rules can be set to be always active or to be enabled only during certain date or time periods specified by the user. Using Auto Reply Manager, Outlook users can have personalised greetings inserted on each automated email, so these emails will look and feel personal. The email reply can be sent using the plain text or HTML format. For emails sent using the HTML format, Auto Reply Manager lets users to import HTML code or files, creating stylish automated emails. Auto Reply Manager works as an add-in for Microsoft Outlook and it can be easily accessed from the Outlook Tools menu, so users can configure the auto-reply settings directly from the already familiar Outlook interface. Auto Reply Manager is designed for any version of Microsoft Office Outlook, starting with Microsoft Office Outlook 2000. Auto Reply Manager is packed with a live update tool, allowing users to quickly download and install product updates. communication e-mail,email misc. email tools,internet email shareware listed in communication e-mail,email misc. email tools,internet email section.

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