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Features SNMP version 1 and version 2 compliant. Very simple upgradation path to all coming SNMP versions. Runs on Win95/98/2000/NT and Linux machines. Auto discovery of Network topology. User friendly way to draw the network diagram. Network Survey to determine which elements are UP/Down. MIB Browser and MIB Editor. Supports all standard MIBs defined in MIB-2.It include MIBs for xDSL, ATM Frame Relay, IP etc. Adding a new MIB to the software is a minute job. Listens to SNMP TRAPS Includes Inbuilt Network Tools. DVS-NMS is a shareware categorized under network management,system utilities tools.

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Features : Real time monitoring of Link Quality i.e. Response time, Packet Loss, Available Bandwidth. Event Notification for Link Failure or link quality degradation. Provides Graphical view of real time statistics. Reporting for historical interpretation and assessment of third party service level agreement. Real time Monitoring with Link QA: Link quality can be defined by response time, available bandwidth and percentage of packet loss. All three parameter can be monitor in two different views, table and line graphs. Table view gives real time values of link quality parameters. Line graphs for each facile ate to visualize trends in link quality. This utilities software is listed under communication.

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Overview of WanSpy WanSpy is intended to give Network Administrator a visual view of how his Expensive Wan Bandwidth is getting utilized. In addition to online monitoring WAN link, WanSpy also facilitates Network Administrator to keep record of WAN usages for inventory purposes.WanSpy is based on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) accepted across industry for management of computer networks. Features Use Cisco(R)'s IP Accounting Snmp ver 2c complient. Very simple upgradation path to all coming SNMP versions. It allows you to set Refresh Time according to network load. Graphical display of first 10 IP pairs in the table showing their percentage utilisation of the overall bandwidth on WAN port. Interface traffic graphs showing incoming and outgoing octets on all interfaces. IP Traffc graphs showing incoming ,outgoing, forwarded, discrarded ip packets. Cisco system graph showing free memory and CPU utlization. Bandwidth utilazation graph showing %utilization of incoming and outgoing traffic Audio alarm generated when the number of bytes transferred exceeds the specified limit on the WAN port. The last alarm time is also displayed on screen. Log file generated which stores the IP pair values which cross the specified limit. Facility to print and save reports showing source IP, destination IP, bytes transferred, packets transferred and violations on WAN port. Export the IP accounting data to screen, text file, MS Excel format Alarm the network administrator based on configurable WAN bandwidth usage threshold Application of Wanspy 1)Overall management of Cisco Router 2)Monitoring, how WAN is currently utilizing. 3)Generating Reports of Wan usages in certain time period Disply Interface table and interface details that can either export to Microsoft Excel or text file. WanSpy is a shareware categorized under ,communication tools.

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