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LispIDE is a basic g...


LispIDE is a basic graphical shell for several Lisp implementations available for Windows. LispIDE is freeware. Features: - Syntax highlighting. - Support for CLISP, SBCL, Corman Lisp or any commandline Lisp implementation. - Tabbed documents. - Easy sending of Lisp expressions to the REPL. - Command history using arrow keys. - Restart Lisp button. development source editors freeware listed in development source editors section.

Keywords: command history lisp expressions graphical shell arrow keys sbcl lisp implementation freeware features syntax absolute value size resolution

Thi is an utility to...


Thi is an utility to download binaries from usenet newsgroups. NewsReactor scans, combines and downloads files from selected newsgroups. Features: Simple userinterface. Multigrouping, similar files are grouped together. Highspeed multithreading downloading with low level socket technology. Advanced error correction on a message part based algorithm. This ensures (almost) no incomplete parts. Built in smart UU, Base64 and yEnc decoding with error correction. Selecting up to twenty active threads. Multiple server scanning and combining. Incremental scanning (only scanning of new articles). Adjustable download speed to give other applications bandwidth. Selectable download directories for each newsgroup. Responsive Pause and Stop processing. Shows download speed. Filters (with regular expressions). Find messages. View messages. Post messages and replies. More and more features every new release! This is a shareware listed under communications newsgroup clients category.

Keywords: error correction usenet newsgroups base64 new release new articles regular expressions bandwidth newsreactor download speed speed filters incremental post messages combines binaries multithreading uu algorithm yenc decoding personal finance manager expiry date

Datagen makes it pos...


Datagen makes it possible to insert meaningful testdata into any database you can connect to with ADO. Features: Support for MS-SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. (any ODBC driver) Insert Identity columns Insert random data from text files. DataGen comes with example datafiles for names, cities, streets, email addresses and companies in several languages. Insert regular expression templates Insert dates Insert random values from columns from other tables. Save projects Select number of rows to be inserted. This is a shareware listed under database category.

Keywords: random values regular expression postgresql odbc driver text files ms sql server expression templates server mysql email addresses random data languages high frequency database source

DaanCalendar is a sm...


DaanCalendar is a small, fast and simple program that will let you insert events for each day of a month. Publish the calendar to a webpage and an active reminder are some of it's features. You'll never miss another appointment! - Features: - Very small & fast (only 156KB!). - Sits quietly in you systemtray. - Export to XML. - View in browser using a selectable XSL stylesheet. - Save and read CSV (Comma separated files). - Simple exporting to Excel. - Simple active reminder system. - I nsert events for as many months and years as you wish (only registered users). - U can use your mousewheel to change months. - Includes an example calendar with holidays from all over the world. DaanCalendar is a shareware categorized under calendars scheduling tools.

Keywords: xsl stylesheet appointment csv calendar with holidays reminder system xml view quietly comma funny sound result sets

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