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Toolbox of useful software. DanDirectory contains all the tools you will ever need! Tools include: Send message, Get user information, Network Computer List, IP -> hostname, Hostname to IP, Hard Drive Explorer, Window hide / show, Text-to-speech, Code and Decode, Files in folder, SendKeys tool, Number converter, Simple terminal, Run other program, Run DOS program, MD5 Hasher and an ASCII Picture Generator. With such a small file size, you'll want to check it out! utilities freeware listed in utilities section.

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Do you have an X-ROM...

X-ROM Frontend

Do you have an X-ROM Flash cartridge and hate remembering all the command line parameters for USBCABLE and MRTOOL? If so, this program is for you. It is a frontend to the X-ROM Testing Tools. This allows you to write games to your X-ROM cartridge. Included is a detailed help file with step-by-step instructions as well as some Frequently Asked Questions and answers. Now with an easy-to-use MultiROM Builder, and NES/Sega to GBA converter. This miscellaneous software is listed under gameboy advance software, x-rom software, general, misc.

Keywords: gba testing tools questions and answers games nes help file asked questions command line parameters sega necessary functionality printing option

DanProgrammer is a d...


DanProgrammer is a development environment for VBScript that you can use to create simple applets and scripts. It features a simple debugger. Uses for DanProgrammer range from helpful applets and scripts to text-adventure games. Features include syntax highlighting, AutoComplete, ToolTips, user-definable macros, user-definable keyboard shortcuts, dialog creation and as well as that, you can compile your scripts to EXE files! And all this is all freeware. DanProgrammer is a freeware categorized under programming tools, development environments, vbscript, ide tools.

Keywords: syntax highlighting dialog text adventure games scripts autocomplete development environment keyboard shortcuts exe files macros debugger free open source auto text

If you are anything ...

Daniel's Catalog

If you are anything like me then you have CD's off magazines such as APC (Australian Personal Computer) or PC User stacked up to the roof in no particular order. What happens when you are trying to find that 1 rare program? You have to look through all the CD's!! That's why I wrote Daniel's Catalog. No installer is provided for the software. Just extract it to a working folder. This utilities software is listed under cataloging, software.

Keywords: pc user rare program australian personal computer magazines apc help generator audio vox

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