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TVideoGrabber is a v...


TVideoGrabber is a video capture VCL component that allows you to add video capture capabilities to your Delphi or C++Builder project. TVideoGrabber captures analog or digital video sources like Firewire (IEEE1394) DV cameras, DV camcorders, USB web cams, PCI TV cards, PCI composite capture cards, USB TV devices. With TVideoGrabber you can: CAPTURE FRAMES to TBitmap, BMP or JPEG files, individually or automatically using a burst mode. BMP or JPEG file names can be automatically created on a sequential or time basis, CAPTURE VIDEO STREAMS to AVI files, with or without the audio stream, COMPRESS captured AVI, on the fly or after capture, using the available codecs of the current platform. Additional codecs like MPEG4, DivX are automatically recognized by TVideoGrabber, PREVIEW video streams in a resizable window or in full screen mode. AVI capture and frame capture work even if the component is not visible, PLAY AVI files at their nominal rate, forwards, backwards, slower, faster, in a resizable window or in full screen mode, CONTROL - settings of video devices, audio devices and video compressors, - audio and video formats, - video device setting like brightness, hue, saturation, contrast, white balance, focus, zoom, ... - frame rate, - preview and capture size, - number of delivered frames and dropped frames, - DV capture mode (interleaved or separated audio/video), - TV tuner, if any, - etc... Most common parameters can be simply set from the Object Inspector. This is a commercial listed under delphi,c++builder,multimedia,video,components,vcl category.

Keywords: divx object inspector dropped frames screen mode digital video sources video compressors bmp codecs video capture avi capture pci video streams cards dv capture vcl component play avi files wmf files long lost

ThumbNavigator is a ...


ThumbNavigator is a web thumbnail galleries explorer with integrated browser and full-screen viewer. ThumbNavigator recursively analyses HTML pages, finds all the thumbnails and associated full-sized pictures, and discards banners, ads and pop-up windows. The thumbnails of each page are pre-viewed in tabs. The chosen full-sized pictures can be downloaded and immediately displayed in full screen. They can be kept on disk in a like-web directory tree structure for future displays with the offline viewer. Thanks to real multiple asynchronous downloads ThumbNavigator analyses the thumbnail gallery pages and display new gallery tabs while you choose thumbs and download full-sized pictures. The integrated Internet Explorer browser allows you to directly send the links in the html analyzer by simply ctrl-clicking on them, otherwise copy the links from your favorite browser and paste them into the html scanner address field. The offline full-screen viewer allows you to sort and filter the pictures in different ways. Full site authentication and full proxy support. This is a shareware listed under internet and search tools category.

Keywords: offline viewer tabs html analyzer directory tree structure thumbnail galleries asynchronous thumbnails banners ads thumbnail gallery pop up windows screen viewer proxy support address field internet explorer browser html pages answer the phone invalid addresses

With THTTPSCAN you a...


With THTTPSCAN you access to web sites as a collection of links to files and data, instead of as graphics and text. THTTPSCAN recursively analyzes HTML pages and reports all the links it finds to a text file: html, mail, jpg, mpeg, mp3, etc. THttpScan navigates through HTML pages in the neighborhood of the initial URL. The links appearing several times are treated only once. The LinkScan property allows you to limit the scanning to the initial site or the initial URL path. The LinkReport property allows you to report only links owned by the current site or even with the same path name. The DepthSearchLevel allows you to limit the level of pages scanned, starting from the initial page, especially when not limiting the scanning to a site. Using the LinkScan and LinkReport properties with a high DelphSearchLevel value, you can easily scan a whole site or only a subdirectory of a web site. Events are generated for each link found and each page read, returning URL, meta tags, document type, referrer, host name,... According to your line speed, you can grab thousands of links from a starting URL in a few minutes. THTTPSCAN saves you having to tangle with the HTML parsing. Most common parameters can be simply set from the Object Inspector. It can be placed on any window, it is only visible at design time. Full source code optional. THttpScan is a commercial categorized under development,delphi,c++builder tools.

Keywords: meta tags few minutes source code line speed design time host name jpg mpeg tangle initial url html mail grab parsing several times path name url path object inspector html pages predefined templates publishing on the internet

TActiveMovie is a VC...


TActiveMovie is a VCL component for Delphi or C++ Builder. TActiveMovie allows you to embed the Microsoft's Media Player within your project. With TActiveMovie you can play forwards, backwards, zoom in, zoom out, scroll horizontally and vertically, display videos in full screen mode. You can capture frames individually or automatically to TBitmap, TImage, BMP or JPEG files. You can adjust the audio volume, speed rate, select the start and end positions of video clips. Benefits: works on all 32 bits Windows platforms, from Windows 95 to Windows XP ; video quality, motion fluidity ; plays video clips as well as audio files. TActiveMovie saves you having to tangle with ActiveX and COM interfaces. Most common parameters can be simply set from the Object Inspector. Full source code available on registration. This development tools software is listed under video,multimedia,development,delphi,c++builder.

Keywords: s media fluidity forwards horizontally video clips tangle windows platforms video quality screen mode jpeg files audio volume activex c builder zoom vcl component vertically bmp object inspector speed rate audio files programming model edition database

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