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Grab It! XP

Grab It! is a Microsoft Excel based application that digitizes graphs or charts to obtain the original data. Graphs and charts can have data point values digitized or photos can have angle and distance measurements made. All data is placed directly into Excel for easy re-use. Skewed graphs are handled automatically (sometimes scanning isn't perfectly straight) as well as linear, log, date or time charts. Output is displayed in real time and special features for error bar graphs, stock charts, and multiple data sets are included. Power user settings allow calibrations to be saved and/or edited for repetitive use applications. Grab It is especially useful for accurately digitizing published data from literature or operation manuals for comparison against your own data. Another common application is to digitize old data that isn't in an electronic format (old hardcopies of charts for instance). Templates can be created in Excel to automatically perform calculations on the data that you retrieve. This graphics software is listed under math, engineering, science, spreadsheets.

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