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Techfacts XP lets yo...

Techfacts XP

Techfacts XP lets you examine, diagnose, monitor and troubleshoot Windows and your system. Gather detailed data on every aspect of your system and Windows. Supports Windows 98, ME, NT, 2K and XP. Gives you the data Microsoft tools do not. New in v2.00: Graphic system monitors (customizable with color alerts), Hex File Editor, Disk Sector viewer. Updated from popular TechFacts 95 (128,000+ downloads on ZDNet). Techfacts XP provides the following features: System Options: Machine, CPU, Memory, Printers, Display, Power (APM), Media Devices, Network Settings, Device List, CMOS Dump, Hardware Ports (IRQ, DMA), Network Ports (TCP/UDP). Windows Options: Operating System, Time Zone, Processes, Startup Data (INI,Registry), Database Availability, DirectX Settings, Windows List, NT Services, Internet Explorer, Installed Font Viewer, Clipboard viewer, File Association viewer, File Monitor. Software Options: Installed Software, Software Search (Version,Company), Software Sniffer (DOS, Imports, Exports) , Software Debugger, Resource Explorer. System Tools: View and Tweak UI Settings, Disk Cleanup (cache, temp files), Software Change Monitor, Registry Analysis and Cleanup, System Benchmark Tests, Disk Utilization Tool, Duplicate File Finder (with Delete), Drive Map Lister, Directory/Folder comparison and synchronization tool, Disk Cleaner (temp, cache files). Network Tools: Network Resource Search, Network Monitor, Port Scanner, Ping & Trace. Graphics Tools: Icon Viewer / Extractor and Graphics Viewer. Reports: Text Report, Export data to HTML and Excel. Email or Print any topic. Multi-Language support: English & Dutch provided. Techfacts XP is a utilities software.

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System Energizer cle...

System Energizer

System Energizer cleans and optimizes your system for better performance. Actions taken include eliminating Internet Explorer temporary files and cookies, removing Windows temporary files, removing system temporary files and folders, eliminating registry links to files that don't exist, removing "most recently used" lists of documents and links, emptying the recycle bin and defragmenting memory. Items can be permanently erased or compressed to an archive CAB file. This utilities software is listed under system utilities system maintenance.

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PC Surgeon is a powe...

PC Surgeon

PC Surgeon is a powerful tool that will diagnose, monitor and repair your Windows XP (NT,2000 supported) platform. Over 70 features and functions. System Exam: Summary page, Performance Benchmark Tests, Disk Usage Analysis, Tweak UI Settings, Registry Browser, DLL Orphan Manager. Monitoring Features: Health Monitor, Monitor File System, Monitor Registry, Simple Network Sniffer, Screen Capture, Capture Desktop Activity to AVI (Video File). Tools include realtime monitoring of disk, program, network and internet activity as well as KeepAlive! tools to keep programs/services running. Repair Features: Registry Cleanup, Disk Cleanup, Directory/Folder Syncronization, Memory Defragmentation. System Exam: Workstation, CPU, Memory, Display, Power, Media Devices, Installed Devices, Printers, Disk Sector Viewer, Drive Mappings, Storage Data, CMOS, Hardware Ports. Windows Exam: O/S, Databases, Date and Time Zones, Processes, Startup Data, Windows Enumeration, Internet Explorer, NT Services, DirectX, File Associations, Installed Fonts, Clipboard Formats, Performance Data, DCom Servers, Global Atoms, Loaded Modules, Running Threads, ROM/BIOS Dump, Loaded Drivers. File and Folder Exam: Installed Software, Software Search, Software Sniffer, Software Debug, Software Resource Explorer, Hex File Editor, Icon Extractor, Graphics Viewer. Network Exam: Network Data, Network Ports, Network Statistics, Network Ping/Trace, Host IP Port Scanner, Network Resources. Web Exam: Offline Web Page Catalog, Cookie Manager. Reports: Standard reports, Custom Reports, Convert to: HTML, Excel, XML. Latest version on PC Surgeon license is shareware and it is listed in system utilities,desktop utilities,diagnostic utilities software.

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TechScheduler lets y...

Techscheduler Advanced

TechScheduler lets you schedule programs or system options to run at specified times. You can use it to schedule programs or batch files, system activities (such as shutting down or restarting), network logouts, file activities, keystrokes, screen captures and more. You can also use it to program online activities, including network maintenance and FTP downloads; copying, moving, or deleting specified files; and notification via e-mail. You can configure pre- or post-run options, add command-line parameters, and set job priority. Other features include logging, zip/unzip support, sticky notes, and password protection. Excellent documentation is included. XP, Server and Vista. This is a shareware listed under system utilities automation tools category.

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