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This employee monito...

SoftActivity Activity Monitor

This employee monitoring software allows you to see what eople do on their PC remotely from a centralized locations. Monitor and track all computer and network activity: see a list of opened applications, record emails, keystrokes and passwords, view instant messaging chat conversations or blog, forum postings. Protect your company from intellectual property and trade secrets theft. SoftActivity Activity Monitor is a shareware categorized under security, privacy covert surveillance tools.

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A keylogger and acti...

SoftActivity Keylogger

A keylogger and activity monitoring software. Record remote screenshots, typed keystrokes, emails, passwords, chat conversations and receive reports about user activity via email. It basically logs everything that a user does on a PC and provides a full report of computer usage to administrator of the software. Can be used for parental control monitoring or employee monitoring. security, privacy covert surveillance shareware listed in security, privacy covert surveillance section.

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