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Alpha Ball is arkano...

Alpha Ball

Alpha Ball is arkanoid style game with simple control and addictive gameplay. Each level built both backwards and upwards and present original 3d scene. Great 3d graphics and effects. Suspend Game feature that lets you quit a game and return to it later. 100 amazing levels with random access. 17 types of power-ups : gun, rockets, bombs, fireball, big balls... This is a shareware listed under arcanoid, arcade category.

Keywords: addictive gameplay rockets bombs upwards power ups balls fireball 3d scene style game 3d graphics game feature random access arkanoid alpha ball color icons functional demo version

Alchemist Wizard  is...

Alchemist Wizard

Alchemist Wizard is a 3d arcade platformer game in fantasy world. You play as a wizard-alchemist and explore large world. Catch various creatures to combine its in cauldron to create powerful spells to fight with your enemies. There are different cauldrons on level each with different spell recipes. On each stage you must collect enough magical runes to open portal to boss. Defeat dangerous boss to proceed into next stage. Main boss awaiting you on the last stage. Game features: Stunning 3d graphics and effects 4 large levels with rich and different environment. 7 types of ingredient creatures with various behaviours 9 types of monsters with various tactics 13 types of spells 4 types of cauldrons each with 8 recipes 4 Big bosses. This games software is listed under arcade,action.

Keywords: wizard fantasy world big bosses open portal cauldrons boss alchemist cauldron stunning 3d graphics magical runes enemies monsters game features spells 3d arcade stage game recipes export web password protected web pages

Play Shape Solitaire...

Shape Solitaire

Play Shape Solitaire a new unique card puzzler. The goal is to fill all open tiles with cards by one simple rule - place a card on the field next to another card with a value one less or one greater, regardless the suit. Game features: * Arcade and Classic versions of the game * Save your progress * Full screen or windowed System requirments: ? Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP ? 300Mhz or faster Processor ? 64MB RAM ? 16-bit Graphics & Sound ? DirectX 3.0 or later. Shape Solitaire is a games software.

Keywords: cards shape arcade puzzler open tiles solitaire directx 3 windows 95 64mb ram game features 16 bit bit graphics file excel skin color

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