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VizAcc Diary is a di...

VizAcc Diary

VizAcc Diary is a diary with daily-diary, calendar, planner, free-form word processor, contacts, sticky notes, tasks, biography, address book and more. Write-down your memoirs. There is a scratch-pad to enter your notes. Plan your time with Calendar. The Calendar is integrated with Tasks, so you can view them both instantly. Use Virtual-Safe to store private information. RSA Encryption available in the full program. VizAcc Diary is a shareware categorized under diary, pim, personal management, journal, biography, note-taking tools.

Keywords: diary journal log record story vizacc writing memoirs journaling biography life-story pim personal management note-taking multi purpose

VizAcc C++ Beautifie...

VizAcc C++ Formatter

VizAcc C++ Beautifier/Formatter is a source code formatter for C/C++. Have you ever worked with a library or someone's else C or C++ code? Why don't they re-format the code according to your style? Now you can use the source code formatter the professionals use! It features numerous format and operations options as well as batch or individual file processing. It always preserves the original file before formatting begins. It formats source code exactly the way you want it in your preferred style in a matter of seconds. It allows all of your source code to be presented in a consistent format of your choosing. It is also great for code walk-through and final documentation listings. ANSI-C compatible. We use it daily. VizAcc C++ Formatter is a shareware categorized under source code formatter, ide tools, code tools, c++ formatter tools.

Keywords: c- formatter beautifier ide tool format beauty c- source code formatter vizacc source code macro engine

VizAcc Organizer is ...

VizAcc Organizer

VizAcc Organizer is a free-form hierarchical organizer. It comes with PDF, RTF and HTML generation capabilities so that you can export your data into Microsoft Word, or generate web-pages. You can make a PDF document from it. It is feature-rich application, from Inserting Date/Time, Symbols, Picture, Hyperlinks, Auto-Text, in-line HTML-Code formatting, Fonts including DBCS Chinese support), Bullets, Tables and Numbering. Proof reading features includes Spell Checking in 25 languages and specialized dictionaries, Thesaurus checker and grammar checking if you have Microsoft Word. organizer, freeform database, word processor shareware listed in organizer, freeform database, word processor section.

Keywords: freeform organizer hierarchical database note-taker word processor jotter serial numbers software

HelpJotter is a stan...

VizAcc HelpJotter

HelpJotter is a stand-alone Help Authoring Tool for producing WinHelp, PDF, HTML-Help, Custom format, HTML-Websites and printed manual. It has it's own built-in word processor, help decompiler, help, graphics editor and screen capture program. 30 day's trial. There is no nag or watermark on the output of the Help files or manuals generated. VizAcc HelpJotter is a shareware categorized under help authoring tool, developement tool, winhelp, html-help tools.

Keywords: htmlhelp winhelp help compiler delphi components pdf help manual winhelp workshop winhelp api authoring hlp hlp software help scribble help authoring help writing helpjotter text background

VizAcc Payroll is a ...

VizAcc Payroll

VizAcc Payroll is a complete payroll package written in Borland Delphi with full source code. It is designed with the latest user-interface styles and great help for busy accountants. It's a 32-bit program designed for Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000. Uses ADO and Ms-Access/MSDE/MS-SQL as the back-end end. For developers who want a payroll solution for their vertical markets. Works in the USA and UK market. This business software is listed under payroll, uk taxes, usa taxes, taxes, state.

Keywords: payroll payroll taxes written borland delphi full source code supports uk usa flexible work

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