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PC Analyser OEM Windows

PCAnalyserOEMWindows is a Windows based inventory software, which detects all hardware components in a computer system. These are distributed in a prepared and clear form. The program was developed for current hardware and doesn't contain any unnecessary program routines for old hardware. Because of this its possible to keep the program size low and still represent all important internal computer data compactly. Because of the addiditonal automatic program flow, PCAnalyserOEMWindows can be used on the one hand to detect all network connected computers, and on the other hand as single user software. For the use in a network the software can generate a detailed description of the network computers, so that the created reports can be used for the documentation of a network. If the software is used in repair centers and production environments, the generated reports can being viewed as final reports for the computer systems. Feature list: -determine all processors as well as their speed, FSB and multiplyer -show information about the BIOS, the Mainboard as well as supported specifications -display the total amount of installed system memory -determine all PCI devices including chipset, graphic card(s) as well as sound card(s) -show information about the logical and physical drives -checks the drive status of hard drives with the help of S.M.A.R.T. -show information about the installed network cards -recognize various serial numbers -detect the operating system as well as service pack, build number and the Windows installation directory -recognize the computer name and the corresponding workgroup or domain -compact and clear reports in text- as well as HTM-format -full batch capability -modular structure with different device databases, which are exchangeable separately for database updates- extensive manual with a detailed description of the product. This utilities software is listed under system utilities other.

Keywords: program flow computer name device databases htm format windows installation oem windows internal computer program size production environments pci devices network computers automatic program old hardware pc analyser chipset graphic database updates mail exchange email system

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