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dtControls is a cont...


dtControls is a control library packaged as a single OCX control. Version 1.0 offers four useful controls (with more planned) in a single package. dtErrorProvider: provides an implementation of an error provider similar to .NET's ErrorProvider class. This control gives your application the ability to visually flag any controls that need attention. dtLinkLabel: provides a highly customizable hyperlink control similar to .NET's LinkLabel class. dtINILib: provides an INI access library that makes it simple to read and write INI files. dtTips: provides a "Tip of the Day" interface. dtControls license is demo and it is listed in activex,controls,components,programming software.

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dtLibrary is a class...


dtLibrary is a class library packaged as a single ActiveX DLL. This library offers multiple classes for retrieving and/or updating system information, including ini files, registry access, file/disk information, memory and power information, operating system information, the ability to shutdown, logoff, reboot, etc. and lots more. This development tools software is listed under activex,controls,components,programming.

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Select-a-Net is a Wi...


Select-a-Net is a Windows utility for managing multiple network and web browser configurations. Select-a-Net makes it easy to switch among, as well as backup, various network configurations. Whether you're a laptop user on the go or are constantly re-configuring desktop computers on a network, Select-a-Net can ease the process and save you time. You can use a Select-a-Net configuration file created on one computer to initialize the network and browser settings on another computer. Select-a-Net can be optionally run in the Windows system tray making it quick and easy to switch configurations on the fly. Select-a-Net not only makes it easy to switch among multiple network configurations it also offers an easy solution for backing up your current network and browser settings, making it easy to restore your network settings after a system crash. networking,internet,utilities shareware listed in networking,internet,utilities section.

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