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Nick, the Robot : Sokoban

Poor Nick. He has been assigned the job to put boxes to the places they need to be. And there are so many ! And the worst is : Nick can only push the boxes. Nick, the Robot : Sokoban is a demo software filed under games, entertainment puzzle, word games utilities.

boxes poor nick egypt


This internet software is a fully featured flash video chat with an intuitive and easy to use flash user interface. It supports real time audio and video communication with bandwidth controls and automatic webcam and microphone detection, enhanced text chat with language filter and bold/italic/color options, users list with genre/camera/admin icons, private and public rooms, admin section with logs review and ban and kick by IP, nick filter, etc.. Internet commercial AVChat is listed in communications chat, instant messaging tools.

webcam video frames color options

Advanced Live Support

This internet software is an Advanced Portal product offered to any website hosted with us. It enables you to launch a LIVE customer service on your website. With LiveSupport turned on, you can view and chat with your website visitors online. This shareware is archived under asp, software, hosting, portal, ebusiness, ecommerce, internet, live help, live support, support category.

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TCP Mapped Port with firewall. Load at Windows start up and autostart functions added.Complete log statistic will be saved for any Internet activity. Very easy-to-use and Doesn't require installation. MyMappeR is a shareware software filed under proxy utilities.

log statistic internet activity autostart

Live Chat Software - ChatStat

ChatStat's Live Chat Software allows you to text chat with your website visitors. Increase sales conversion rates. Make happier customers! Language Translation and remote desktop assistance is now available during all live chats. Live Chat Software - ChatStat is licensed as shareware and filed in communications chat, instant messaging section.

desktop assistance chat software new ground

Software-Promoter Lite

Software-Promoter does one thing for you: it helps you to promote your software. Free big sites collection is included for your promotion purposes. PAD specifications and promotion to national archives are supported. User-defined reports are better way to see results.

national archives reports software promotion purposes


Software that is source code analysis tool. It can find "dangerous" code and you can define what is dangerous yourself. ClearCode is language-independent. ClearCode is licensed as shareware and filed in development other section.

analysis tool source code analysis code fragment

Personalized Mass Mailer (PRO)

Personalize any HTML matter like mail merge and email it without a SMTP server. It will allow you to mail merge using any no. of fields from a database. Any fields can be used anywhere in the Email Subject or Body. In the name, the numbers and the underscores in the email id will be ignored and the 1st alphabet will be capitalized . e.g.: will be addressed as 'Nick jordan'.

microsoft addressed jordan21


POP3 spam filtering utility,mail checker, daytime and finger client with socket 4/4A/5 proxy support with or without authentication. Complete log file will be generated, doesn't require installation and will never add new registry key entries to Windows database. MyEraseR is licensed as shareware and filed in anti-spam, mail checker, finger, daytime client section.

mail checker registry database finger client

ircA Service

This internet software is a simple Windows NT service that stays connected to IRC. ircA Service imitates a bot that does nothing. It has basic instincts: stays connected to IRC while your computer is logged off, reconnects on disconnection, rejoins channel when kicked or kickbaned, tries to recover the lost nick. Other abilities depend on plugins.

programming language dynamic loading libraries


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