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InBox Filter

Every day you have to receive junk e-mail advertisement and waste your time pressing delete button. Some e-mail messages can be even attached with a virus.To delete these spam messages at your e-mail server before you download them to your e-mail aclient you should use InBox Filter - award-wining anti-spam tool developed to safe your time and money reading e-mail messages. Flexible and online updatable filters will help you to catch all spam messages sent to your mailbox. Flexible scheduler will help you to keep your mailbox out of spam all the time InBox Filter is runing. This internet software is listed under anti-spam tools.

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Every day you have t...


Every day you have to remember things which you would not like to forget.MindMate is software we developed to help you every day organize your important events.Using MindMate you will discover possibilities which will help you automate all events at the specified time.MindMate is able at the specified time to show notifications messages, open files, open links, send e-mail messages using your own settings you can set (mail server, user name), play wave format sound file and even send notification message through LAN to another computer where MindMate is installed too.MindMate supports multiple events list so you can create as much events as you need.All MindMate work is automized and user use flexible: you can suspend and activate it when you want, notificate yourself when event is executed and much more. This is a shareware listed under organizers, reminders, automation category.

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ircA Service is a si...

ircA Service

ircA Service is a simple Windows NT service that stays connected to IRC. ircA Service imitates a bot that does nothing. It has basic instincts: stays connected to IRC while your computer is logged off, reconnects on disconnection, rejoins channel when kicked or kickbaned, tries to recover the lost nick. Other abilities depend on plugins. This is a new product for bot writers. It is small, easy to use tool for Windows 2000/XP or higher. All you need is to write your own plugin in any programming language that supports dynamic loading libraries. Many people in the world write their own plugins. So it is not necessary to write them. You can try to find them on the internet. This internet software is listed under chat.

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