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DioneSS Playlist Editor

Simple and fast Playlist Editor that provides the missing link for Integrating Digital Audio Managment on the Desktop. Includes file Renamer, Advanced ID3v1/2 editor supporting multiple embedded images, comments and bundled Mass-tagging Wizard. Search, relocate and fix missing playlist items, purge duplicates, import and export Winamp bookmarks, save MP3 playback positions to ID3Tags (for bookmarking tracks in a mix etc.), save playlists with relative paths, create reports and HTML playlists with links, divide playlists for mixing. Includes CD-ROM wizard for making MP3 CDs with Autorun capability and massive support for item ordering and arranging. This is a pro-tool for the digital media collector with many advanced features you wont find anywhere else. This is a shareware listed under mp3, playlist, editor, id3, mpeg category.

Keywords: playlist editor relocate purge file renamer import and export massive support autorun wizard search mp3 playback integrating digital mp3 cds relative paths pro tool playlists missing link winamp mass conversion manipulation tasks

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