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Want to see all fonts ...

All My Fonts Professional

Want to see all fonts installed on your computer? Print a catalogue of your entire font collection. No longer will you have to search through dozens of fonts for the right font. Preview the fonts and print them out. All My Fonts Professional is a utilities software.

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Secret Media uses a sp...

Secret Media

Secret Media uses a specialized technique of hiding information by embedding messages within other, seemingly harmless media files. It works by embedding invisible bits of data in otherwise normal graphics and audio files (such as JPG, MP3, WMA, GIF, BMP, or WAV). Using this technology, you can hide sensitive or private text messages in virtually any media file. Unlike encryption, embedded Secret Media files are virtually undetectable. Files created with Secret Media look just like a regular graphics or audio file. But only you (and the people you tell) will know that there are secret messages embedded in the graphics or audio file. Secret Media uses a Wizard-style interface to guide you from creating your own secret media file to viewing the hidden messages within a secret media file. An embedded password helps keep your private data even more secure. Secret Media is a shareware categorized under security, privacy encryption tools tools.

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The Original CD cover ...


The Original CD cover printing utility! Print CD covers quickly and easily. Just load your CD cover image and print. Automatic resizing ensures the correct printout dimensions. CoverPro is a utilities software.

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Help Abbie collect the...


Help Abbie collect the world's last flowers by using your wits to move and utilize objects such as lawn mowers, wrenches, and blocks all while avoiding the drenching spray of fire hydrants. Abbie! is a games software.

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iMeter is a very usefu...


iMeter is a very useful tool to monitor your network bandwidth. Whether you are a serious downloader, running a web or FTP server, wanting to keep tabs on how fast your connection is, or just keeping an eye on your network activity, iMeter is the tool for you! iMeter works with virtually any network adapter, from dial-up modems to Ethernet 10/100 and even Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g/n Wifi, DSL, Cable modem, and Satellite. It is important to keep an eye on your network activity. When you are not actively sending or receiving files, your network bandwidth should be very low. But if you see that you bandwidth is unusally high during times of inactivity, it could indicate that a hacker is attacking or downloading data off your computer! That would be a good sign to take action and update your firewall and anti-virus software. iMeter also has reporting capabilities that enables you to view reports of your bandwidth usage. You can choose from daily reports to weekly and monthly reports. It also records my maximum upload and download bandwidth and identifies the time and date in which it occurred. This is a shareware listed under network, internet network monitoring category.

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Let Dreamscape Analysi...

Dreamscape Analysis

Let Dreamscape Analysis help you understand yourself better and make wiser decisions. With a virtually infinite number of dream interpretations, you can find meaning in practically every dream. Dreamscape Analysis employs a unique feature in which you enter a description of your dream in full English sentences and Artificial Intelligence will analyze your descriptions and extract meaning from them. Dreamscape Analysis is a home/hobby software.

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Save money on expensiv...

Easy Photo Maker

Save money on expensive photo paper. Other graphics programs can only print one image per page. With Easy Photo Maker, you can layout as many as 30 photos on one page. Or be creative and make a collage. Easy Photo Maker is a graphics software.

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