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Pinky is a media player that's a little different to the rest, enabling you to add to your collection, as well as play it. This software is very easy to use, without the overhead of a normal text menu system. It's actions are controlled by buttons, check boxes and/or keyboard commands. Pinky can be set to run in Robot Mode, where you don't have to do a thing, once it has been activated. Just set it and the computer will begin playing your collection every time that Windows starts. On slower Pentium machines, you can increase Pinky's encoder priority if you need to. Pinky will play MP3, OGG, Wave files and more. It employs a CD Burner, CD Player, CD Ripper, MP3 Encoder, OGG Encoder, Movie Player, sound effects, a selection of skins to choose from, and is part of the Gnutella file sharing network, enabling access to thousands of files. This audio software is listed under players, ripper, file sharing, burner.

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