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The Workman's Study Bible

Simple, Intuitive Bible Study Software with Online Bible module compatibility, a free powerful interface with a single unified command line for quick, powerfull searches. Included with installer: KJV 1769, JFB Commentary, XRefs, Strong's Lexicons. The Workman's Study Bible is a shareware software filed under home, hobby religion utilities.

greek lexicons cross references online bible


Save and search Web pages instantly! SurfSaver lets you save, organize, and search the information you gather on the Internet. Never lose another Web page. We all know about the "here today, gone tomorrow" nature of the Internet. SurfSaver makes a PERMANENT copy of the important facts and figures you gather on-line... and SurfSaver lets you search the information you save -- an ideal tool for everyone doing online research.

including graphics pdf files microsoft word documents

SurfSaver Pro

SurfSaver is a browser add-on which lets you store Web pages directly from your browser into searchable folders. Use SurfSaver to organize and search the information you gather on the Internet. An ideal tool for anyone doing research online. Make the most of your time and information with SurfSaver. SurfSaver Pro is a commercial software filed under internet utility, browser add-on utilities.

which allows users valuable tool store web


Flexible text analysis software. Lets you gain better insight into e-texts. Make concordances, word lists, indexes. Count word frequencies, find phrases, and more. Publish results to the Web with one click. This education shareware Concordance is categorized under education languages.

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If you want to resize your JPG images for optimal web performance or create thumbnails for your image gallery you do not have to look further. iResizer does it for you in matter of minutes. Just point to the source directory choose wheter or not you want to have the source images resized or completely new images created at another folder.

thumbnails source directory prefered size

Excel Sybase Anywhere Import, Export & Convert Software

Use Excel as front-end GUI to your Sybase ASA (Adaptive Server Anywhere) database. This interface allows for seamless import and export of tables without SQL knowledge. This program is not intended for use with Sybase Enterprise. This shareware is archived under business databases, tools category.

sybase asa adaptive server anywhere adaptive server

DiskInternals Boot CD

This tool lets you boot into fully operational Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server or Vista, complete with the GUI and service applications. To create your bootable Windows CD, download install DiskInternals Boot CD and run the Wizard. The Wizard will prompt you for a CD or DVD that contains Windows XP nr 2003 setup files, and make a new bootable CD that can run Windows from an optical disk without installation.

system failure boot cd recovery cd


This software is Software Development Kit(SDK) to encode PDF417, QR Code, Data Matrix(DataMatrix). It works for windows/linux/unix. It can write barcode to image file such as tiff/bmp/jpg/png. The SDK supports VC/VB/.Net/Delphi/C++ Builder/PB etc.. And we are glad to customize it for your specific requirement. This freeware is archived under development components, libraries category.

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