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SendTo Magic is Wind...

SendTo Magic

SendTo Magic is Windows shell extension that helps you maximize Explorers built-in SendTo menu functionality. SendTo Magic adds more functionality the SendTo menu to allow you to quickly copy and move files and even create shortcuts to files selected in Explorer. SendTo Magic remembers your twenty most recent folders, making it easier for you to select your destination folder and lets you create new folders in any folder you like. SendTo Magic can open the selected folder in Windows Explorer after the copy or move operation has completed. You can create shortcuts in the SendTo menu, Start Menu, Quick Launch Toolbar, Favorites folder, and the Startup folder. SendTo Magic is a shareware categorized under shell enhancements, utilities, file utilities tools.

Keywords: sendto menu folder shell copy move shortcut fast using list recent folders dhtml and javascript

Hasty Paste 1.0 is a...

Hasty Paste

Hasty Paste 1.0 is a productivity tool that monitors the Windows clipboard for cut and copied files. Once Hasty Paste detects files that have been cut or copied, it presents options for pasting them to a folder, to a folder as a shortcut, as a file list in a text file, or to copy the file list to the clipboard as text. You can configure Hasty Paste to automatically popup when files are cut or copied, or remain silent, and out of your way. Hasty Paste remembers your recent folders, so you don't have to spend time browsing for folders you use all the time. Hasty Paste also provides a right-click menu on system tray icon that contains your paste options and recent folders list, making it even easier to paste files where you want them. Hasty Paste is a utilities software.

Keywords: copy move clipboard paste names shortcuts quickly easily converter pro

Password Fortress is...

Password Fortress

Password Fortress is a secure password and private information management tool. You never have to worry about forgetting passwords or losing registration keys again. Password Fortress manages all your private information in a single application. Your sensitive information is protected with strong 256-bit Rijndael encryption and can only be accessed using your secret password. Password Fortress can be configured to store any type of information you like, such as: website and login passwords, software registration keys, credit card numbers, personal identification numbers, and even contact information. You decide what fields you want for each information group. Password Fortress is a shareware categorized under password managers, personal information databases tools.

Keywords: password encryption database secure security fortress private information management value functions

SpeedyPDF is a virtu...


SpeedyPDF is a virtual pdf printer which allows you to quickly create PDF files by simply printing from your Windows application. SpeedyPDF allows you to create PDF files of your company reports, marketing plans, forms, price lists, contracts, newsletters, and other printable material in the most portable electronic document format in the world. Your document's format will be preserved so that everyone will see the document as you intended. With SpeedyPDF you can: - Create PDF files by simply printing from your Windows application - Encrypt and password protect your sensitive documents - Control access to printing, editing, and copying of your documents and content - Reduce the size of your PDF document by compressing images and text - Merge multiple documents into a single PDF file. This utilities software is listed under system utilities printer.

Keywords: pdf printer virtual printer pdf printer macro engine

Password Architect h...

Password Architect

Password Architect helps you generate secure passwords that very difficult to guess or crack. Whether you're a home user or a network administrator, you'll find that Password Architect is the tool you need to take the guess-work out of creating secure passwords. Password Architect allows you to specify the type of characters to use when creating passwords and gives you option to create fixed or variable length passwords. Do you need to import a password list into a database? Password Architect has got you covered! Export your generated password list to MS Excel, tab-delimited, or comma-separated formats. If you are tired of trying to come-up with secure passwords, Password Architect is for you! This is a shareware listed under utilities, security, password generators category.

Keywords: password generator random secure create passwords difficult guess crack professional presentations

HotKey Magic helps y...

HotKey Magic

HotKey Magic helps you consolidate your most frequently used programs, files, and folders, into a single launch-pad. HotKey Magic puts your favorite programs at your finger-tips with the magic key combination! Assigning hotkeys is a snap with HotKey Magic. You can drag and drop an existing shortcut into the HotKey Magic main window, assign a hotkey combination, and your through! In addition to being able to launch your programs using HotKeys you specify, you can launch programs from the system tray by selecting a HotKey menu item. HotKey Magic is a shareware categorized under launchers tools.

Keywords: hotkey hot key launch system tray win shortcut short cut assign hotkeys favorite urls folders personal computers

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