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PureSim Baseball 2005

Build and manage your own baseball dynasty with PureSim Baseball. Develop talent over the years, sign free agents, make trades--it's all here. You also can download databases that enable you to play out any year in Major League history. This games shareware PureSim Baseball 2005 is categorized under games, entertainment sports.

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Rapid change and intense competition define the business environment of today. Success in this dynamic marketplace requires business solutions that provide insightful analysis of accurate and relevant information in real-time. Dynasty accounting software delivers powerful and reliable business tools that will manage and drive the growth of your business.

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Chinese paper cut screensaver - Chinese Zodiac

Sheng in Chinese is "birth" and xiao is "resernblance". To discuss about the Sheng Xiao of Chinese, it is better to say something about the chronological years recorded by Stems and Branches in the Chinese lunar calendar.

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Jump Shot Basketball

This game allows you to accurately simulate professional basketball. Complete customization allows you to create your own league, teams, and players. Play unlimited seasons with franchise mode.

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Out of the Park Baseball

OOTP5 is the newest version of the award-winning baseball simulation that offers a sports gaming experience unlike any other. Multiple play options, career mode, exhaustive financial model, open-ended design, import of roster files and much more! Games demo Out of the Park Baseball is listed in baseball, sports, simulations tools.

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Chinese Purple Star Astrology

This software describes your past, present and future in twelve life categories, such as Destiny, Wealth, Love, Career, Health, Children, Parents, etc.It can explain and predict the changing cycles around you. and points out one's destiny, how to avoid weaknesses and potentiate strengths.

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NHL Eastside Hockey Manager

Take complete control of your favourite hockey franchise and pit your wits against the greatest managers in the world of hockey. Determine tactics, control budgets, draft new stars- can you take your franchise to glory? Games shareware NHL Eastside Hockey Manager is listed in simulation, hockey, management tools.

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Shanghai Dynasty

Select a skill level by clicking "For Kids" or "Shanghai". The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the screen. The rules are that you can only remove tiles by matching two that are the same, and they must not be blocked from sliding to the l. This freeware is archived under board, shanghai, thinking category.

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Chinese Culture Window (Music)

It is a way for you know Chinese traditional music and Chinese Culture . Chinese traditional music is mystical, melodious and fascinating! you will have a tour of Chinese traditional music by this software.Are you ready? This shareware is archived under audio, multimedia audio file players category.

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BONAPARTE - THE BATTLE FOR POWER AND FREEDOM We're back in the year 1789, the French Revolution has just begun. Now you're getting the chance to step into Napoleon's shoes. This games shareware Bonaparte is categorized under games - strategy.

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