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Chinese Tales and Fables is developed or distributed by E-dition and is licensed as shareware. Experience the sensibility and pragmatism of Chinese culture and thought. "Chinese children are made to learn (proverbs and maxims)by heart, and ordinary grown-up Chinamen may be almost said to think in proverbs." Professor Herbert A. Giles, 1892. This quote from Herbert A. Giles (he compiled the first exhaustive Chinese-English dictionary in 1892) aptly describes the contents of Chinese Fables, a handsome new ebook. This program presents the sensibility and pragmatism of Chinese culture and thought. It's a collection of tales and fables with beautiful Chinese artwork and music. Each fable contains a brief story with an underlying moral. Chinese Tales and Fables is a rewarding handbook for the intellect and conscious. The tales and anecdotes, passed down from generation to generation, will be a wonderful addition to your ebook collection. The morals are more often implied than spelled out,...

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