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Big addition sums, w...

Assam-Adder: 40-Number Adder that Edits & Recalls

Big addition sums, with tens of contributing numbers to be added up, are an integral part of any business, any association or even any household. Assam-Adder, tailor-suited for just this need, is an intuitive, as if on-paper, 40-number adder calculator that can add up to forty contributing later-modifiable terms, whether very large (up to several billions) or very small (up to a few millionth parts of one). There are also special provisions for multiple occurrences of the same term within a given calculation. Any earlier addition problem, in any one of its past modifications, may be instantly located & recalled here, so as to be re-calculated or further modified. This facility is particularly useful for businesses and organizations needing to recall old calculations. In Assam-Adder, text version of any current or even any past calculation may also be immediately obtained as a 'session report', which may be copied to any word-processor document and then easily formatted and/or printed. In v2.2, one may even keep blank (instead of the auto-displayed default ' 1') the space for the right-side multiplier factor for a number that indicates how many times (i.e., 1, 2 or 3 etc.) that number appears in the overall addition problem. Even if the factor is thus kept blank, it'll now be counted as 1 (not as 0). Assam-Adder: 40-Number Adder that Edits & Recalls license is freeware and it is listed in business math, scientific tools software.

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This auto-suggesting...

Shabda-Brahma ET-Feel Word-Storm Processor (SB)

This auto-suggesting, intelligent text-processor is just great for typing in the skeletal, raw form of your text into the PC. As you type the first few letters of a long word (or of a repeated phrase/ clause), SB tries to cleverly guess the intended word/ phrase and displays that auto-suggestion (2 choices) on the screen. If guessed by SB correctly, you need to just press Insert/ Alt key to get that auto-suggestion auto-typed. Newer auto-suggestions may even be auto-learnt from the user's written texts (along 20 user-paths or 80 languages). Defining & using up to 10,000 direct 3-key shorthand are also possible. Also able to auto-form usual symbols & even South-Asian 'conjunct-consonants' (juktakshar), and displaying font-specific onscreen keyboards, SB is even more useful for non-English typing. SB exports its typed text as HTML-output, to be copied using any Internet-browser into any word-processor (for final use therein). v5.9.4 solves some initiation issues in SB-Classic & SB-ASTS. This business: word-processors software is listed under word processors, text editors.

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Most organizers remi...

Abhibhavak Organizer: As if Guardian in Life (AO)

Most organizers remind only once about an activity (or a current turn of a periodic activity). But, as it may not always be possible to perform that activity (task) immediately, so there lies a need to be reminded about it also on the next few days, if the task is not done till then. This user-password enabled 20-user package, AO, satisfies the need for management of many longer-term task-reminders on such a daily rather than an instaneous basis. Naturally, AO also waits for an answer (Y/N user-response) about whether each activity (or its current turn) has been performed, depending on which response it would behave differently about that particular task-reminder the next day. AO, so, doesn't get auto-opened whenever something is to be reminded, but reminds in one go about all the user's present tasks only when it is opened (either by a user or by, say, Windows Task Scheduler). In addition, it allows writing password-protected daily diary and maintains a shared auto-sorted address-book. personal information manager, organizer shareware listed in personal information manager, organizer section.

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Assam-Calcu is a 12-...

Assam-Calcu: A Programmable All-Purpose Calculator

Assam-Calcu is a 12-digit multi-purpose calculator that can store and recall millions of your old calculations - whether ordinary or scientific. It may also be easily programmed to run hundreds of calculation-steps in one go. It is designed to be equally convenient for purposes as varied as the simplest grocery arithmetic as well as the most advanced technological computations. The basic operation in Assam-Calcu is execution of a simple command-line (say, 'Answer = 673+245'), of which the left side is a variable (say, 'Answer'), and on the right side of which lies an expression (say '55*4' or 'Mass*(3.0E8)**2'). If the right side uses one or more variable(s), e.g., 'Mass', their values must have been defined in earlier steps. Compared to most calculator-instruments, Assam-Calcu offers the much wider range of 9.9E+300 to 1.0E-300 for its results. In v2.4, more than a hundred constants & conversion-factors have been newly introduced, with provision for more user-definable ones as well. This is a freeware listed under business math, scientific tools category.

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