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No need to create a ...

EasyEx invoicing

No need to create a customer account for low-value/infrequent customers. No need to create a article master data for a one time settlement. Professionally designed invoice layouts. 2 different invoice types and shipping notes. Allows you to create detailed invoices very quickly and easily. You can define all of your products and customers. You can easily pick those items from pull-down-menu to rapidly generate invoices. Taxes and Totals are automatically calculated. Easyex invoicing can be installed and learned in just a few short minutes. Insert individual formulas (value discount, quantity discount) into your form. This is a demo listed under office category.

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Illustrate your proj...

EasyEx Projectplanner

Illustrate your project graphically with Ms Excel. You are able to indicate a fix period, or with formulas as [ = today()-14 ] a variable period. Administrate clearly the data of the resources. Moveable feasts or other special days can be in-maintained and illustrated. Date dependences can represent effectively with simple formulas . EasyEx Projectplanner is a demo categorized under office tools.

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Send professional e-...

EasyEx html mail

Send professional e-mails in html form. Beside the text you can send up to 250 files as enclosure. You can address each partner of course individually. Use this software for example of supplier inquiries. You can enter suppliers' item numbers and also other specific informations individually. Send interesting requests by inquiry email to all your potential suppliers. You can compare the offered prices directly in the used Excel surrounding. This is a demo listed under office category.

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Image the absent-tim...

EasyEx absent planner

Image the absent-time of your employee graphically with Ms Excel. You can the indicated period fix, or with formulas as [=today()-14 ] dependent on the current date to be represented. Moveable feasts or other special days can be also in-maintained and illustrated . Basic knowledge of MS Excel is sufficient. You can schedule your employees effectively and individually. It is easy to use but packed with features. Try it. It is yours to download and test - fee. We have built in safety features so that you are automatically told when a maximum number of employees are booked on vacation on any given day. You can list all employees who have booked vacation time and tell at a glance how many days each has remaining. EasyEx absent planner is a business software.

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