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Cryptocx is an encry...

Cryptocx v6

Cryptocx is an encryption OpenPGP (PGP) component dll designed for use in all modern development environments. Cryptocx encrypts and decrypts data using standards compliant algorithms to make sure that your information is totally secured. It is very easy to add Cryptocx to an existing application or web site backend. Use Cryptocx to encrypt your data, totally securing it. EasyByte Cryptocx v6 builds upon the previous releases of Cryptocx to add further powerful features in a very easy to use bundle. Data security is becoming more and more important, with developers wanting to add secure data encryption facilities to their programs and web sites. The versatility of Cryptocx, combined with the fastest file encryption available anywhere, full PGP support and the ability to create Self Decrypting Archives (SDA), makes Cryptocx v6 an essential purchase to keep data protected and secure. Cryptocx is the only Enterprise Ready Encryption component. Cryptocx is in use by many of the worlds largest organisations including: VISA, Bear Stearns, BP, RBOS, Merck, Numerous Law enforcement agencies, and many others. Key Cryptocx v6 Features: Fully OpenPGP compatible component COM Dll, Cryptocx does not require the use of any external programs, so you can easily distribute it with your applications with out having to worry about any licensing issues, You can create highly customised SDA (Self Decrypting Archives) with Cryptocx. The files and folders that you specify to add to the SDA are secured with 256 Bit AES encryption, Cryptocx is compatible with ALL versions of PGP (OpenPGP), Generate RSA and DH/DSS keys, which can be used by Cryptocx or PGP, Digitally encrypt and sign files that are PGP compatible, Full key management functionality, Shred (securely delete) files, Encrypt and decrypt strings and files with 448 Bit Blowfish, Works perfectly in all version of dotNet, 256 Bit AES encryption for files and string, Easily add Cryptocx v6 to your website or application in minutes. security, privacy encryption tools demo listed in security, privacy encryption tools section.

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Cryptocx v3 is the n...

Cryptocx v3

Cryptocx v3 is the new standard in encryption components. Cryptocx v3 develops and expands version 2 to make it even easier to use and incorporate into your own existing systems or ASP sites. Full compatibility with PGP means that Cryptocx can encrypt data which can be emailed or stored and then decrypted, providing you have the correct decryption key, with any other version of PGP. This kind of compatibility means that Cryptocx is efficient, flexible and above all secure; making it ideal for use in transmission over the Internet, or to provide a robust layer of additional security to your enterprise LAN, WAN, or intranet. Cryptocx v3 allows for 512 to 8092bit PGP based encryption. This is stronger than military grade, making Cryptocx v3 the most powerful encryption component available anywhere. This security is coupled with speed and reliability as Cryptocx v3 offers the fastest 192bit file encryption available anywhere. As Cryptocx v3 has no need for any external programs, this means that you can easily distribute it within your own applications without worrying about any licensing issues. Cryptocx v3 also includes 128 Bit Blowfish and 64 Bit String encryption. Using these techniques Cryptocx v3 can encode text to base64, which allows you to encrypt strings and place the results in a text boxes or settings files. Base64 encoding means that even non printable ASCII characters, which would normally be lost during encryption, can be included in text files or text boxes. Cryptocx v3 is now even easier incorporate into your own applications. Simply 'cut and paste' the lines of code from the sample application provided and you can have the most powerful PGP encryption working in your applications in just a few minutes. Cryptocx v3 is a demo categorized under activex, development, security, encryption, programming tools tools.

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In a world where our...

EasyByte News Ticker

In a world where our email systems are overflowing, EasyByte Ticker will help set you free! EasyByte Ticker intelligently gathers news and information from ANY website or RSS Feed. The headlines and information such as stock quotes can scroll along the Ticker in a highly customisable manner. The ticker is non-intrusive and can auto-hide like the windows taskbar to allow you to get on with other things when you are not quickly referring to it. Minimal bandwidth is used as data is only downloaded when required. You can get up to the minute stock and shares quotes for any listed company. The integrated RSS Feed Reading application can be quickly opened up to allow you to examine in more detail all of the information that Ticker has downloaded. You can drag and drop RSS / XML feed links from web pages whilst browsing, onto the Ticker and it will add them to its list to download. Ticker has been designed such that it is perfect for Corporate usages, when used in a Corporate network environment a network admin can add or remove feeds to all installed tickers very easily. It is ideal for keeping employees informed on various specific matters. A network admin can also have specific message displayed to everyone, for example'Fire Drill at 5:00pm today'. Perfect for sending information to Helpdesks or other desktops within a company. Integrates fully with Active Directory, allowing for rapid enterprise wide installs. This internet software is listed under communications newsgroup clients.

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