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CamAccess Standard Edition

Now you can protect your interests with professional-grade video surveillance and recording software that's simple to use and affordable to own. CamAccess is the ideal network camera surveillance and recording tool for private or commercial use. This shareware is archived under surveillance, monitoring, recording, security, access control category.

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StockFusion Studio

Powerful market scan of whole world finance universe (up to symbols 100000 pep portfolio). Automated forecasting expert, technical indicators, digital filters and performance tests. ARIMA, Stepwise regressions, trend patterns. Native online data.

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Visual Hindsight Home Edition

Monitor your home or business over the Internet with Visual Hindsight--powerful, simple to use, affordable to own! Visual Hindsight is the ideal remote network camera surveillance and recording tool for private or commercial use. Utilities shareware Visual Hindsight Home Edition is listed in video surveillance, video recording, security, access control, video, graphics tools.

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This utility transforms any mouse, trackball or touchpad into a user friendly and ergonomic device with over 50% reduction in hand movement, superior control, comfort, precision and smooth operation. IntelliPointer allows easy and precise movement of the pointer to anywhere on the computer screen with a small, slow movement of the hand. There is no need to accelerate or lift and reposition the mouse.

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This business software is a plug-in conversion tool for Acrobat Which is used to convert your PDF documents into plain text ascii files. Options are available to output page numbers, Paragraph formatting, Horizontal Formatting, Vertical Formatting, Page range extraction, Character spacing per inch, sorting of text, text tolerance level override for varying sizes of text, copy to clipboard option is ideal for seamlessly grabbing text from any pdf and pasting in to other systems without popups, grabbing of individual characers, automatic loading and saving of configurations & many other features.

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This software is a full-featured and easy-to-use software update solution. Create, manage and distribute your software updates and patches easily! Your users can now update your applications automatically over the Internet. Features a powerful WYSIWYG editor, an advanced binary patching engine, support for automatic updates, one-click deployment to the Internet, and more. Never worry about users running outdated versions of your software again!

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A unique and challenging word search game where you must work against the clock to find all the words in a puzzle. Unique gameplay elements like timing and buying more time with your points enhance the strategy of the game. Comes with a 5,000 word English dictionary, a scoreboard for 3 different difficulty levels, and is small enough to play anywhere, office or home. This games demo Puzzler is categorized under word, puzzle, strategy.

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A audio/video surveillance application that supports motion/sound sensing with SMTP and FTP event file upload support as well as support for our new vSwitcher 4:1 Video Switch. This demo is archived under security, surveillance category.

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