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Smart Wallpaper Lite

Smart Wallpaper Lite is a powerful and easy-to-use wallpaper manager for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. This tool will automatically change wallpaper on each Windows startup or at specified time intervals. This application is very simple to use - you can set all options in the main window. Just choose a folder that contains pictures you'd like to see as wallpaper on your desktop. Smart Wallpaper Lite will change the wallpaper automatically. Why should you pay more for useless features which just spend your system resources? These seldom-used features just make the application unreasonable, heavy, and expensive. Smart Wallpaper Lite has only the most important options, which makes the application easy, powerful and really lite. Features 1. Very simple to use 2. All options are available from the tray icon popup menu 3. Work with picture lists. 4. Hide desktop icons function 5. Intelligence "Auto" mode: allows the program to adjust for screen size, picture size, picture aspect ratio, and placement of wallpaper. 6. Automatically resizes images on the desktop 7. Two modes - random and "one by one". In the "Random" mode you woudn't see the same picture twice until all pictures have been displayed 8. Automatically closes after changing wallpaper - you can forget about the program and simply enjoy the wallpaper you have chosen. 9. Very powerfull control system - you can specify any display interval for any number of folders and pictures 10. Windows XP interface 11. Command line parameters 12. FREE plugins (in v2.1). Smart Wallpaper Lite is a home/hobby software.

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Info Note is very si...

Info Note

Info Note is very simple program which lets you to make quick important notes without any mouse clicks or document management. Info Note is a notepad, which always near at hand. The common situation - you have got a phone call and you need quickly make some notes - but all shortcuts are hidden, your organizer application is very heavy, pencil is broken and you search all over the computer to find something to write. At last you find the notepad, open it and save the new file somewhere. Soon you may forget about this file or collect too many files littering your workspace. Using Info Note you even no need to click - you just need to move your mouse to the edge of the screen and you can write - Info Note is always near at hand. You don't need to care about saving your notes, - Info Note saves it automatically. This is a freeware listed under system utilities text and document editors category.

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