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Automatic Wallpaper Changer

Wallpaper is a windows wallpaper changer. Point it towards a folder containing graphics files and it will select one at random or sequentially and display it as wallpaper. Auto tile/centre based on graphic/screen size and user settings is an option. The period between changes is between 1 and 100 minutes. The file name of your original graphic currently being displayed is shown in the main window title bar and as tool tip text for the icon in the system tray. It can also randomly change the wallpaper once and then exit. A right click menu is available when hover the mouse over the icon in the system tray. You can also run a screen show of your graphics. Multiple folders and multiple file formats are supported. Automatic Wallpaper Changer is a shareware categorized under wallpaper tools.

Keywords: folders right click menu windows wallpaper graphic screen randomly wallpaper auto tile graphics files tool tip wallpaper changer space saving routine backups

Calendar V 2.x.x c) ...

ASP Calendar

Calendar V 2.x.x c) 1999-2000 Educe ABOUT: Calendar provides an interactive interface in the form of a traditional calendar. Events can be entered by the client over the Internet or an intranet. These events are stored in a MS Access 2000 database file. The calendar can be maintained remotely using the tools provided. INSTALLATION: The ISP must support Active Server Page (ASP) and have ActiveX data objects (installed by default for Internet Information Server). The application is designed to run with the files stored in folders with the following tree: Root/fpdb/resourcedata.mdb Root/resource/all other files The fpdb folder must have the correct permissions for write access to a database. Contact your ISP/network administrator for further details. Those who have MS Frontpage can use this application to set these permissions remotely. See the MS Frontpage help files for further details. To install the application, setup the two folders fpdb and resource. Copy the resourcedata.mdb file to the fpdb folder. Copy all other files to the resource folder. UNINSTALLATION: Delete the resource folder and all files within it. Delete the resourcedata.mdb file from the fpdb folder. No other action is required. ASP Calendar license is shareware and it is listed in calendar software.

Keywords: active server page mdb file contact isp network intranet ms access 2000 page asp activex data objects traditional calendar ms frontpage correct permissions frontpage help interactive interface folders network administrator personal password clock set

This software has be...

Autostart Backup

This software has been developed due to a missing function within MS Backup 98, Seagate Backup, and Veritas Backup Exec. The ability to run a backup when the computer boots up. This utility adds this function allowing daily backups to be performed automatically just after Windows has started. It can also be used with task scheduler so that you only need one scheduler running rather than the Windows scheduler and a backup scheduler. This is a shareware listed under utilities backup category.

Keywords: ms backup veritas backup exec seagate backup backup scheduler backups adds task scheduler windows scheduler computer boots recycler evaluation license

Indexing of the titl...

ASP Search Engine

Indexing of the title, description, keywords and full content of all HTML, ASP and TXT documents using a recursive call to all pages in a web site and sub folders excluding those folders listed in the robots.txt file. Simple search of the index for your web pages or advanced search for the provided search page. ASP or HTML code to insert into you current web pages to provide the search facility. Email notification of searches performed using the search engine. These notifications can be set to be sent after any number of searches from every search up to every x million searches. Useful for tracking the sort of information that your web surfers want from your site. Password protected remote maintenance of your index including: Creation of a new index. Update of a current index. Removal of a web page and all words solely associated to that page from the index. Changing various default properties to affect the search and / or displayed results. Resetting the default properties. Editing the word exclusion list. Editing the email search notification settings. The engine uses Microsoft Access databases (97 or 2000) although you only need the MDAC not Access to provide search facilities on your web site. This internet software is listed under search engine.

Keywords: folders recursive search facility password protected txt documents page asp email notification mdac notification settings default properties web surfers robots txt search page simple search microsoft access databases html code search facilities email search web pages project tracker mouse events

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