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Snipe to pay less and win more auctions

BidRobot eBay Auction Snipe & AutoSearch is developed or distributed by Electronic Technologies and is licensed as shareware. BidRobot snipe tool lets you win more eBay auctions & pay less for what you win. According to the Detroit Free Press, "It's highly controversial but perfectly legal. And if you've ever lost out on an eBay auction by being outbid at the very last moment, [BidRobot] may very well be the reason why." BidRobot snipe tool lets you win more eBay auctions & pay less for what you win. As seen in Readers Digest, eBay for Dummies, New York Times, BidRobot is the original eBay bid snipe tool with 150,000+ users since 1998. BidRobot automates bidding and helps you beat other bidders by placing your bid in the final few seconds of an auction. Simple one-button sniping and your computer doesn't have to be on at bid time. BidRobot's bid groups allow you to win one auction in a group and automatically cancel remaining bids for similar items. BidRobot contains no spyware, pop-ups, or adware and is completely secure with SSL domain. Compare features: BidRobot supports mature auctions, car auctions, and all international auctions. BidRobot has a web browser, a web interface, and an optional IE toolbar. BidRobot's Google page rank is 6(twice that of competitors). Unlike many of our competitors, our software contains no spyware, pop-ups or adware and uses a completely secure SSL domain. BidRobot hides your eBay bids from competing bidders until it's too late for them to do anything about it! Use BidRobot's BIDGROUPS to snipe several different auctions for the same exact item. When you win at the price you want to pay, we'll automatically cancel your other pending bids. Your c...

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