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Some hours or days after sending a newsletters to all your customers your mailbox will be filled with messages like "sorry user does not exists" or "user unknown". This happens because some mail servers do not return an error message when receiving an email of an email account which does not exist. But these mail servers send an email in which they inform the sender that the dispatching of the email was not successful. So that you mail box will not be filled with these error messages, the ResponseAnalizer scans your mailbox in certain time intervals after such messages and removes them if desired. ResponseAnalizer saves the email addresses of these non existing mail accounts. You can then remove these email addresses from your mailing list. So your mailing lists are always up to date and you will not spend any time dispatching your future newsletters to non existing mail accounts. ResponseAnalizer is a shareware categorized under internet | marketing | email-tools tools.

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The URLCollector scans search engines like Yahoo or Google for domain names and saves them. If you keep running the URLCollector long enough, you can find a great part of the domain names stored in the search engines. You can use these URL's for example to generate email addresses using our EmailGenerator. Settings for search engines are already given. These can however be replaced or supplemented. So you just have to press the start button! This is a shareware listed under internet | marketing | email-tools category.

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Whether you want to se...

Postman Professional

Whether you want to send ten or millions of emails, HTML or text, with or without attachments, our Postman manages this for you. You can also define a time scale or limit the sending of the emails. Of course you want that all your customers receive the message and no email will be removed by a spam filter falsely. This is also not a problem for this software. This internet software is listed under internet | marketing | email-tools.

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Whether you want to sort URL- or email lists, remove duplicated elements, split, merge and substract unsubscribed lists, our List Manager can do it all! Particularly it stands out by its brilliant filtering function. With the filtering function, you can for example sort out all email addresses with the ending ".de". Or you create a list, which consists only of info or sales addresses. The filters are totally flexible, everything is possible. Of course, your original lists keep their initial content. This internet software is listed under internet | marketing | email-tools.

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EmailGenerator Platinum

What do you think are email addresses like: or The chances are good. The EmailGenerator doesn't only offer you the possibility to generate any possible email address, this program can also check these if they are valid or not. With this software, you generate thousands of email addresses within a few minutes. For creating the email addresses, a list containing the most common names, a list of the most common first names and a list of is available key words is available. Of course these lists can be extended at any time. internet | marketing | email-tools shareware listed in internet | marketing | email-tools section.

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Many telephone and yellow pages listings contain hundredthousands of email addresses. Exporting these CD's is usually difficult or even impossible. The EmailExtractor can scan CD's or even complete harddiscs for email addresses. EmailExtractor license is shareware and it is listed in internet | marketing | email-tools software.

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Keep your email lists up to date and remove email addresses which do not exist any longer. You just have to define the path of your email lists. As a result you receive a list with guaranteed valid email addresses, a list containg probably valid email addresses and a list with invalid email addresses. The EmailVerifier uses a proper proofing mechanism, because most of the mail servers have disabled the standard checking command. Further it exposes mail servers, which give the "OK" return value for every email address. EmailVerifier is a shareware categorized under internet | marketing | email-tools tools.

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